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Book reviews collection for homepage

City Pages: Rediscover a bounty of Midwestern flavors with 'The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen'
“What did my ancestors eat before the Europeans arrived on our lands?”
First Person Scholar: Re-Imagining the Borderlands
The Post and Courier: Three Sisters Mash recipe
Wagmíza na Omníča na Wagmú Patȟáŋpi (Three Sisters Mash), from "The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen" by Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley.
MSP Magazine: Life Lessons With a Side of Nordic Folklore
'Seven Ways to Trick a Troll': The locally written children’s book set in the mountains of Norway may be what we all need in troubling times.
The Missourian: Creekfinding
Many of us recall the allure of a rippling stream and the activities it spawned —from skipping rocks, to nabbing crawdads, and diverting the creek’s flow with a dam that would make a beaver envious.
Race and Cultural Landscapes: A Conversation with Elizabeth Kryder-Reid
Dr. Elizabeth Kryder-Reid talks with TCLF about the polarizing nature of the California mission landscapes.
Rochester Post-Bulletin: Struggle to overcome barriers detailed in music scene book
When Andrea Swensson finally got to meet Prince, she found out he was, well, a prince.
New Worlder: Wild Rice Cakes
“These are our go-to cakes for breakfast, as a snack, and as the base for a well-seasoned bison braise or duck. They’re especially good topped with smoked fish. Make them tiny for an appetizer or big for dessert slathered in maple-berry sauce."
"One day we just won’t be here, just like the people ahead of us, but we continue the survival of the people.”
Isanti County News reviews Linda LeGarde Grover's ONIGAMIISING.
Minnesota Daily: Redefining local, indigenous cuisine in Minnesota and beyond
The Sioux Chef is revitalizing Native American cuisine.
The Splendid Table: Exploring indigenous kitchens of North America with Sean Sherman
For his new book, The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen, Sherman and co-author Beth Dooley pulled from his travels to and experiences cooking with native cultures all over North America. Sherman talked with Francis Lam, and shared with him some unique food and ingredients. You can make Sherman's recipes for Maple-Juniper Roast Pheasant and Cedar Tea.
Shepherd Express: Werner Herzog's Poetic 'Scenarios'
Although he hasn’t entirely abandoned feature filmmaking, Werner Herzog is best known nowadays as a prolific documentarian. But when he first came to attention, in the 1970s, the German director earned his reputation as one of his country’s foremost art house directors, rivaled only by Wim Wenders and Rainer Werner Fassbinder.
urbanNext: The Intelligence of Cities
An interview with Shannon Mattern.
Mediapolis: Shannon Mattern on "5000 Years of Urban Media"
Media archeology is a field that attempts to understand new and emerging media by examining old and often dead media technologies. Shannon Mattern takes inspiration from the field but notes that most of its “digging in the past” is metaphorical.
Times Higher Ed: Ready Player Two
Shira Chess asks deeper questions about who plays games, and why half of them are seemingly ignored, by the media, by academia and by the games industry itself. If 50 per cent of gamers identify as female – a statistic that has remained consistently stable for 15 years – why do such strong stereotypes of players persist?
Star Tribune: Writer for 89.3 the Current traces rise of 'Minneapolis Sound' in new book
MPR writer Andrea Swensson examines the music scene that produced Prince.
Southwest Journal: The scene that birthed a Prince
One of the great chroniclers of Prince during the final decade of the musician’s life, journalist Andrea Swensson made it her mission to reveal the man behind the self-cultivated myth of the Purple One.
MPR: The life and legacy of the 'lightning rod' Judge Miles Lord
Miles Lord spent nearly 20 years on the bench as a federal judge. His career is peppered with a series of landmark decisions. From environmental policy to birth control, Lord's influence was both loved and loathed.
Twin Cities Geek: Andrea Swensson Documents the Ascent of the Minneapolis Sound
The North Minneapolis and Rondo neighborhoods played key roles in the evolution of Minnesota’s music scene, culminating in the birth of the Minneapolis Sound.
New Republic: Why Are Video Games so Sexist?
The chauvinistic gaming world has always been hostile to women. A new book (Ready Player Two by Shira Chess) looks at how it got that way.