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Book reviews collection for homepage

Summer Camp Memories: The River That Wasn't There
Eric Dregni, author of You're Sending Me Where?, on Wisconsin Life / Wisconsin Public Radio.
Ford's history in the Northland
Duluth News-Tribune interviews Brian McMahon, author of The Ford Century in Minnesota.
Kirkus Reviews: The Clue in the Trees
A great book for a lazy afternoon: a nod to Nancy that serves up a modern version of the classic teen detective heroine.
Publishers Weekly starred review: The Devil's Wedding Ring
Ancient myth and contemporary detection collide in this highly impressive thriller from Vidar Sundstøl.
City Pages || F. Scott Fitzgerald's Minnesota: Revisiting the haunts and homes that still stand
St. Paul native F. Scott Fitzgerald got around. Though he didn’t live his entire life in the Saintly City, he certainly left his mark during his stints here. Author Dave Page, a Fitzgerald scholar for 30 years, has collected info on upwards of 180 of the adored novelist’s local hangs -- including friends’ domiciles, relatives’ estates, and downtown attractions -- in his new book F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota: The Writer & His Friends at Home.
(Not) Fry Bread: The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen
Sean Sherman’s latest cookbook, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, offers recipes mixed among wisdom about sustainable living.
boundary 2: Seeing Ourselves, Loving Our Captors
a review of Mark Jarzombek, Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age
Twin Cities Live Book Club: "Flying Funny"
"Flying Funny" features a foreword by Senator Al Franken and praises on the back cover from Louie Anderson and Penn and Teller.
Minnesota Lawyer: New book remembers Miles Lord as a maverick judge
An unabashed populist, Lord presided over some of the biggest cases of his day and, with his bold rulings and even bolder comments, courted controversy all the way.
'There's poetry in facts': Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet
There is no shortage of books foretelling the catastrophe to which climate change shall deliver us. But what about a perfectly decent field guide to the flora and fauna of rising seas and ruined forests?
LA Review of Books: From Sex Worker as Character to Sex Worker as Producer
A Review of Nicholas de Villier’s “Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary”: In a world that is dominated by anti-sex work bias, such an analysis is sorely needed.
LA Review of Books: Not Just Pussy Hats on the Climate March: Feminist Encounters with the Anthropocene
Feminist thinkers have taken issue with the idea of the Anthropocene almost since its inception.
ROROTOKO: Body Modern
Body Modern focuses on the history of a peculiar kind of imagery of the human body: the conceptual scientific illustration.
Star Tribune: Strategies for growing food in challenging Minnesota climate
A Twin Cities author shares his strategies for growing edibles in our challenging climate.
Tony's Reading List: The Book of the Dead
An undisputed classic, and with the English edition coming with a few added extras, this is a book many Japanophiles will be wanting to get their hands on.
'You’re Sending Me Where?' will put a smile on your face
What you’ll read there is pure nostalgia, meant for a Boomer kid who might remember coming home from a week at camp, covered in skeeter bites, scratches, and sunburn.
Star Tribune: F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota
This big, lavish book explores the St. Paul streets that F. Scott Fitzgerald called home.
Gardening Products Review: Fresh from the Garden
"I highly recommend this book because it is accessible to the novice, useful to the experienced gardener, and covers a broad world of edible crops."
Lambda Literary: Queer Game Studies
This anthology’s title, Queer Game Studies, can be read a few ways: a queer take on (video) games, studies on queer games or even a call to queer game studies.
PopMatters: The Artist as Mensch
Allen Ginsberg’s uncollected interviews show that he still matters, though not for the reasons he once did.