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Book reviews collection for homepage

Washington Post: Elizabeth Warren angers prominent Native Americans with politically fraught DNA test
Kim TallBear, a researcher at the University of Alberta, called Warren’s claims “yet another strike” against “tribal sovereignty.”
Surveillance and Society: The Undocumented Everyday
A significant scholarly achievement amid growing anti-immigrant practices and populist, xenophobic politics.
'The War for America's Soul'?
Michael Schumacher recalls a crossroads election year | “The question: what did we learn?”
“Readers might notice similarities between the 1968 and 2016 elections. Both were very contentious. Both were extremely close when the final vote was tallied. The divisions within the country were deep and disturbing.”
Art + Music + Technology: Trace Reddell
A groundbreaking approach to sound in sci-fi films offers new ways of construing both sonic innovation and science fiction cinema.
LA Times' Burbank Leader: Similarities between 1968 and 2016 elections
A new book by author Michael Schumacher looks into how the 1968 election between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey shaped the country’s politics into what it is today.
Vox: How Jackson Pollock became so overrated
With reference to Florence Rubenfeld's CLEMENT GREENBERG.
Strange Horizons: Hybrid Child
An intriguing work which has helped to further expand my expectations of what SF can do.
Growler: Stories Behind “The Great Minnesota Cookie Book”
The just-released “Great Minnesota Cookie Book” is an overflowing platter of Minnesota cookie history.
H-Net: An excellent example of contemporary study not only of German culture under National Socialism but of European totalitarianism of the interwar era (Italy, USSR).
H-Net: A rich and timely critique of the school-to-prison pipeline.
Review of Damien Sojoyner's FIRST STRIKE.
Cartographic Perspectives: New Lines
This book challenges everyone who usually deals primarily with the technical issues of GIS to more carefully consider the impacts of these technologies on society
MPR: Stonich's new novel revisits her North Country Minnesota roots
"It's about northern Minnesota. It's about a small town and the people who live in it. And they go through stuff and they experience things, and it's the relationships, one to the other."
Houston Press: The Ragged Road of the Replacements...Featuring Reptiles in Houston!
If you made a list of the most hazardous and patience-testing job descriptions in the history of rock and roll, “Road Manager for the Replacements” would certainly rank toward the upper echelon.
Pioneer Press: Sarah Stonich revisits ‘Vacationland’ characters in latest novel about northern Minnesota
“I wasn’t finished with those characters in ‘Vacationland’ ” Stonich explained. “I wanted to take a few of them a step further, the ones I chose to give a voice.”
Publishers Weekly: Hybrid Child
Atmospheric, brutal, and wildly intelligent . . . combines the future shock of Philip K. Dick’s work with the art direction of an anime, pleasurable and gripping as only the best of science fiction can be.
Modern Farmer | Earth Mover: Sean Sherman
“It’s not like I could go to the library and check out Joy of Native American Cooking,” quips Sean Sherman, author of the recently released The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen cookbook.
LSE Review of Books: Callous Objects
Very reasonably priced and easy to read, this book compiles examples of simple technologies that have been designed to deter rough sleepers.
I was a roadie for The Replacements and lived to tell the tale.
Roadie Bill Sullivan takes you into the madness of touring with The Replacements in “Lemon Jail”
Reading Religion: With Stones in Our Hands
A solid and distinctive collection well deserving of a wide readership.