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LA Review of Books: Colin Dickey on Vampyroteuthis Infernalis: A Treatise
On the Trail of the Elusive Vampire Squid from Hell
LA Review of Books: From Sex Worker as Character to Sex Worker as Producer
A Review of Nicholas de Villier’s “Sexography: Sex Work in Documentary”: In a world that is dominated by anti-sex work bias, such an analysis is sorely needed.
LA Review of Books: Global Warming and Other Hyperobjects
Stephen Muecke reviews Timothy Morton's HYPEROBJECTS.
LA Review of Books - Hathologies: An Interview with Mark Dery
Michael Goetzman interviews the author of I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS.
LA Review of Books: Not Just Pussy Hats on the Climate March: Feminist Encounters with the Anthropocene
Feminist thinkers have taken issue with the idea of the Anthropocene almost since its inception.
LA Review of Books on Ellen Willis
The Los Angeles Review of Books reviews Ellen Willis's OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS and discusses her "escape from the music ghetto."
LA Review of Books: Sleep's Hidden Histories
Benjamin Reiss on Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer's The Slumbering Masses.
LA Review of Books: This American Gothic
LA Review of Books: When Looks Can Kill
On Antoine Bousquet's THE EYE OF WAR.
LA Review of Books: Words that Kill
D. Harlan Wilson on DEATH SENTENCES by Kawamata Chiaki.
LA Review of Books: Writing Human Rights
Mention of Writing Human Rights by Crystal Parikh
LA Times: 10 of the best new cookbooks of 2017
Featuring Sean Sherman's 'The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.'
LA Times' Burbank Leader: Similarities between 1968 and 2016 elections
A new book by author Michael Schumacher looks into how the 1968 election between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey shaped the country’s politics into what it is today.
LA Times Critic's Notebook: Essays tiptoe up to grab us unawares
Collections by Tom Bissell and Mark Dery join a growing list of works in which the universal becomes personal, then becomes universal again. By David L. Ulin, LA Times Book Critic.
LA Times: Spring Arts Preview 2014
Features two events and five new books, including THE ESSENTIAL ELLEN WILLIS.
LA Times Year in Review: Books
Ellen Willis's OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS included in the LA Times Year In Review roundup.
LA Weekly: A New Book About Jonestown, the West Coast Cult That Led to a Massacre
Feature on Stories from Jonestown by Leigh Fondakowski.
LA Weekly: 'Our Gang' reveals the complicated racial history of The Little Rascals
Julia Lee's OUR GANG is "a fully fleshed-out and colorful pop-culture history."
Lake Effect: Photos, interview about Great Lakes storm of 1913
Featuring author Michael Schumacher.
Lake Minnetonka Magazine: Dispatches from Summer Camp
Eric Dregni remembers his first—reluctant—journey to camp in Mound and the summer that got him hooked.
Lake Superior Flavors: 12 Outtakes
The Heavy Table features extra stories and images that didn't make it in to a new illustrated volume by James Norton and Becca Dilley.
Lake Superior Magazine reviews The Invisible Element of Place
Lake Superior Magazine: Water and What We Know
"Sometimes just observing the journey is satisfaction enough."
Lambda Literary: "Inspiring and absolutely heroic. This story belongs to us all."
Review of Kelly Cogswell's EATING FIRE.
Lambda Literary: Isherwood in Transit
Mention of Isherwood in Transit edited by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman
Lambda Literary: Land of 10,000 Loves
A review of the new book by Stewart Van Cleve on the history of queer Minnesota.
Lambda Literary: My life as a Lesbian Avenger
Interview with Kelly Cogswell.
Lambda Literary on So Much to Be Done
Review of the book of essays by Barbara Brenner.
Lambda Literary on 'The Wedding Heard 'Round the World'
Michael McConnell’s easy, personable tone will make you feel like your uncle, father, or grandfather is telling the story of their younger years, and what queer life was like back in the day.
Lambda Literary: Opacity and the Closet
Review of Nicholas de Villiers' book, which "interrogates the viability of the metaphor of the closet and puts forth a concept of ‘opacity’ as an alternative queer strategy or tactic that is not linked to an interpretation of hidden depths, concealed meanings, or neat opposition between silence and speech."