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Slate: Werner Herzog Takes a Walk
Review, OF WALKING IN ICE: In the dead of winter, 1974, the director hiked from Munich to a friend’s deathbed in Paris.
Longreads excerpt: Werner Herzog Walks to Paris
An excerpt from OF WALKING IN ICE.
New York Daily News: Why Baltimore was a time bomb
Op-ed by author Lester Spence.
PW Pick of the Week: Of Walking in Ice
On Werner Herzog's journey on foot from Munich to Paris.
Textile Society of America: Bauhaus Weaving Theory
Review of T'ai Smith's book.
PW starred review of The Ravens
PW takes a fond look back at Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy.
The Atlantic: A Master Key to the Ultimate Dumb Device
Ian Bogost, author of THE GEEK'S CHIHUAHUA (among other Minnesota books), on Apple's practices of tethering people to devices they might not want anymore.
CNN: Labeling South Africa turmoil 'xenophobia' scapegoats poor blacks
Author Cawo Abdi ('Elusive Jannah', Fall 2015) discusses anti-migrant violence in South Africa.
Scandinavian Crime Fiction on 'The Ravens'
Review (with spoiler alert!) of the third installment in Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy.
Sports Literature Association: Tony Oliva
Review of Thom Henninger's book.
NPR: : Selena's Legacy, 20 Years Later
Author Deborah Vargas (DISSONANT DIVAS IN CHICANA MUSIC) weighs in.
Places Journal excerpt: The Association of (Gay) Suburban People
Essay by Tim Retzloff that appears in MAKING SUBURBIA.
Los Angeles Review of Books: Vidar Sundstøl's Minnesota Trilogy
Elise Moser on The Ravens and Only the Dead and The Land of Dreams.
InVisible Culture: Building Zion
Review of Thomas Carter's book.
USA Today: Hubble at 25 hailed as greatest scientific instrument
Elizabeth Kessler, author of PICTURING THE COSMOS, offers input on the Hubble's historic achievements.
Library Journal: 'The Ravens' is an 'outstanding final entry'
Review of the last installment in Vidar Sundstol's acclaimed Minnesota Trilogy.
KUMD: Cathy Wurzer on living the life you have
The co-author of WE KNOW HOW THIS ENDS discusses her friendship with Bruce Kramer.
Asha Nadkarni: "I'm really talking about a specific brand of nationalist feminism that insists women should have rights within the nation based on their ability to reproduce."
NBn (New Books from the University of Massachusetts) interviews the author of EUGENIC FEMINISM.
Places Journal excerpt: A Tiny Orchestra in the Living Room
Places Journal excerpts a piece by Dianne Harris that appears in MAKING SUBURBIA.
Lake Superior Magazine: Water and What We Know
"Sometimes just observing the journey is satisfaction enough."
HuffPost: Cure Yourself of Planning and 'Dis Ease'
HuffPost's Healthy Living blog feature on Bruce Kramer and his 'Dis Ease Diary.'
Deseret News: 'Building Zion' explores architecture of Mormon settlements
Review of Thomas Carter's book.
A conversation with Bruce Kramer - Forgiving the Body: Life with ALS
On Being with Krista Tippett conversation with Bruce Kramer
Slaves of the State - Book Review by Mumia Abu-Jamal (Audio Clip)
Audio book review of 'Slaves of the State' by Dennis Childs from Prison Radio
The Paris Review staff picks: The American Isherwood
The volume edited by Chris Freeman and James Berg is featured.
"Is Consuming Like Crazy the Best Way to End Capitalism?": Vice interview with Steven Shaviro
Vice interview with Steven Shaviro, author of 'No Speed Limit'
"Poetic and practical in embracing the inevitable": MinnPost on 'We Know How This Ends'
MinnPost article on 'We Know How This Ends' by Bruce Kramer with Cathy Wurzer
Why Ellen Willis Is An Essential Icon
Super Sexy SEO article and interview with Nona Willis Aronowitz, editor of 'The Essential Ellen Willis'
New Books Network Interview with Alexander R. Galloway
New Books Network Interview with Alexander R. Galloway, author of 'Laruelle: Against the Digital'
New Criticals Review of Jussi Parikka's 'The Anthrobscene'
New Criticals Review of Jussi Parikka's 'The Anthrobscene'

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