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Archive Journal: The Heretical Archive
Review of Domietta Torlasco's book.
Docomomo on Saint John's Abbey Church
Review of Victoria Young's book.
Pursuing happiness: it’s mostly a matter of surviving well together
From the authors of TAKE BACK THE ECONOMY.
Star Tribune commentary: Our dangerous reluctance to talk openly about war
Op-ed by Catherine Madison, author of THE WAR CAME HOME WITH HIM.
Against the Grain: When Soviet Welfare Ended
Interview with Marianna Pavlovskaya regarding her essay in MAKING OTHER WORLDS POSSIBLE.
Interventioneers: Humanitarian, Military, and Otherwise
HUMANITARIAN VIOLENCE by Neda Atanasoski in SCTIW Review.
Ethnomusicology Review: Afropolitanism à la malienne (Afropolitanism in Mali)
By Ryan Skinner, author of BAMAKO SOUNDS.
Christian Science Monitor: 10 new baseball books for summer reading
Includes TONY OLIVA by Thom Henninger.
New York Times: New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native American
Quotes Kim TallBear, author of NATIVE AMERICAN DNA.
Twins Daily on Tony Oliva
Review of Thom Henninger's book.
Library Journal reading The War Came Home with Him
"Part of the beauty and tension of this book is (Catherine) Madison’s navigation of dual narratives."
How Apple's transcendent chihuahua killed the revolution
Longreads excerpt of Ian Bogost's The Geek's Chihuahua.
Kelly Cogswell on Feminist Magazine
During LGBT Pride Month, the author of EATING FIRE talks about the first Dyke March in 1993.
Against the Grain: Looking to Palestine
Author Keith Feldman (A SHADOW OVER PALESTINE) in a two-part interview.
Archinect: Deep Mapping the Media City
Shannon Mattern's book argues cities have been “mediated, and intelligent, for millenia.”
Star Tribune | New Minnesota North Shore book: beauty, mystery, history
From region's geology to human history, new book carefully connects dots. Review of Chel Anderson's and Adelheid Fischer's book.
Theory, Culture & Society: Jussi Parikka's A Geology of Media
Parikka understands the human as an after-effect of the material and formal construction of its contexts, expanding the horizon again, however, to understand the human as an after-effect of geological time.
Theory, Culture & Society: A Geology of Media
Review of Jussi Parikka's latest.
100 Women We Love
Go! Magazine features Kelly Cogswell, author of EATING FIRE.
New York Times op-ed: No Justice for Canada’s First Peoples
By Thomas King, author of THE INCONVENIENT INDIAN.
PopMatters: Geeks, Chihuahuas, and Our Obsessions With iPhones
THE GEEK'S CHIHUAHUA (by Ian Bogost) makes clear that Apple and iPhones are changing us in ways we might not realize. Here's how.
Access Minnesota | The Legacy of Lake Minnetonka
Interview with Eric Dregni, author of BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA.
Furtherfield | Massive Media: A Geology of Media book review
Humans are a doubly young species — we haven’t been around for long, and we don’t live for long either. Review of Jussi Parikka's book.
From mapmakers to moles, North Shore traces a Superior coast legacy
Great Lakes Echo features Chel Anderson and Adelheid Fischer, author of NORTH SHORE.
KPFA: Israel/Palestine and Black Liberation; The Politics of Drones
Interview with Keith Feldman, author of A Shadow over Palestine.
Jadaliyya interviews Keith P. Feldman
Feldman is author of A SHADOW OVER PALESTINE.
Access Minnesota interviews William Green
Green is author of DEGREES OF FREEDOM.
Global Gangs is "both highly authoritative and very timely."
Review of the edited collection by Jennifer M. Hazen and Dennis Rodgers in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books (Rutgers).
Outdoor Wisconsin on 'Goodnight Loon'
TV segment of the children's book by Abe Sauer and Nathaniel Davauer.
NYTBR: Of Walking in Ice 'begs to be read aloud.'
New York Times Book Review mention of Werner Herzog's epic book.

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