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Rochester Post Bulletin: Casserole cooking for every occasion
A cookbook to add Midwestern flair to every occasion, reprinted in time to warm up these dreary April days.
SF State News: Professors' book addresses role of prejudice in plight of ride-hail drivers
“The work conditions under the new gig economy were not that new after all. It is something that racialized men have experienced in the U.S. throughout history.”
Michigan in Books review of THE BIG ISLAND
This may be a children's book, but adults will find great pleasure in the finely drawn illustrations and in reading the book to the young.
Petra Kuppers on Full Ecology's How It Looks from Here podcast
In their conversation, Mary and Petra consider the natural world and its diversity, alongside the political, spiritual and activist considerations that arise from being embodied.
Well-Red Bear Review of Books: You Are Your Path
Five Books: The best books on Inflation
It is important to look at Latin America if we want to understand inflation. Indeed, in the USA and Europe inflation has been stable from the ’90s to 2008. After 2008, these countries witnessed a prolonged period of low inflation. But inflation in Latin America has been consistently higher than in Europe and in the USA.
Wall Street Journal: 5 Tales of Top-Shelf Book People
From the dimly lit world of antiquarian booksellers to the cramped offices of small publishers, a tour of literature’s unglamorous adventurers.
Tahlequa Daily Press: Tribal councilor explains 'allotment' experience
Dr. Candessa Tehee, associate professor of Cherokee and Indigenous Studies and Cherokee Nation District 2 Tribal councilor, contributed to an edited volume about her family’s allotment story.
MIT Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism talk: "The Entangled Politics of Afforestation"
Leading by example, Rosetta challenges architects, planners and designers to face up to their environmental conceits and engage with the multitude of persistent environmental challenges.
Bitch Media: 10 Essential Books About Writing
Written in a bare, stream-of-consciousness style, these five essays are masterful.
KPFA Against the Grain: Caregiving in Neoliberal Times
What do neoliberal policies and institutions do to people’s ability to care well for others? According to Sarah Clark Miller, caregivers experience moral precarity and moral injury, brought on by the fact that they can’t care for loved ones in ways that are consistent with their ethical principles.
NICHE New Book — Pipeline Populism
Pipeline Populism accounts for the potential of such a form of political struggle, while also describing how populism at times served as a limit to imagining the horizons of climate justice.
The Paradigmatic Obstacles to Indigenous Justice
Glen Sean Coulthard, in his book Red Skin, White Masks critiques the colonial politics of recognition. These politics involve policy measures that recognize but do not fulfill indigenous demands for justice.
Stillwater Gazette: Welcome home celebration for Jessie Diggins
Three-time Olympic medalist Jessie Diggins returned to her hometown of Afton for a welcome home celebration on Saturday, April 2 at Town Square Park.
Ms. Magazine Recommends SIDE AFFECTS
In the first of two books focused on trans well-being this month, Hil Malatino makes an imperative argument for the right of trans people to feel bad and use those feelings to continue fighting for joy and justice.
Schumacher reviewed in H-Nationalism
"The narrative is so well written that it reads as if history is unfolding in the moment of reading it."
Fabula review of CACAPHONIES
Cacaphonies reminds us that literature, and the ideas to be found therein, cannot be separated from the corporeal envelopes that create and receive them. In so doing, it reveals the aesthetic, political, and ethical potential of shit and its capacity to transform literature and life.
Xtra Magazine:
Malatino, author of SIDE AFFECTS and a professor at Penn State, has actually written a book about (among other things) the ways in which trans people are simultaneously pressured to display our difficulties but are talked out of (or shamed out of) our hard feelings.
Shondaland: Trans and Nonbinary Writers to Read on This National Transgender Day of Visibility and Beyond
Delves into a conversation around the trans experience that acknowledges the reality of feeling fatigue, envy, burnout, numbness, and rage amid the ongoing onslaught of casual and structural transphobia as a way to map the emotional terrain of trans survival.
Gender Jawn Podcast: Trans Care with Hil Malatino
In this episode, the second on this year’s theme, Care for the Future, Gwendolyn Beetham and Tamir Williams speak with Hil Malatino about his books TRANS CARE and SIDE AFFECTS: ON BEING TRANS AND FEELING BAD.
Russell Kirk Center: Balzac: The Man for My Thirties?
LOST ILLUSIONS is about, surprise surprise, lost illusions. Specifically, it is about the rise and fall (especially the rise and fall of the illusions) of one Lucien de Rubempré. Young, handsome, and literate, the world ought to be his oyster, right? But alas, he is also poor and from the provinces, so perhaps sardines are all he can hope for.
Andy Gilatz discusses Prolonged Grief Disorder on Shapes of Grief Podcasts
We know that grief never really goes away, we learn to live with it and accommodate it in our lives. For some people, about 5-10%, their grief can remain very intense and cause major disruption in their lives for a prolonged period of time; years and even decades. It is normal for grief to endure for years, but when it is debilitating and people find it impossible to readjust to the world after a loss, perhaps it is what has become known as Prolonged Grief Disorder.
The Casual Optimist: Book Covers of Note, March 2022
The cover of Andrew Culp's A Guerrilla Guide to Refusal, designed by Matt Avery, has been included in the Casual Optimist's roundup of covers of note for March 2022.
Star Tribune: DNR biologist: Proposed walleye limit cut is a social issue that won't yield more fish
Paul Radomski is a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologist and author of the forthcoming University of Minnesota Press book "Walleye: A Beautiful Fish of the Dark.'' In 2001-2002, during the last big Minnesota fish limit revision, Radomski was the DNR scientific adviser and expert witness in the agency's limit revision process.
Tech Register: Nordic skiing thrives in Minnesota – Park Rapids Enterprise
“It’s a really comprehensive history of a part of Minnesota most people aren’t familiar with."
The Daily Iowan: Ask the Author with Petra Kuppers
Professor of Performance Studies and Disability Culture at the University of Michigan, Petra Kuppers’ latest book explores disability culture by focusing on a collection of performances over the last 15 years.
Houston Press: Bob Dylan Memories Unearthed—More Than 50 Years Later
The life and music of the now 80-year-old Bob Dylan has been analyzed, dissected, dug into, debated, argued about and postulated on perhaps more than any other musical artist. But what The Dylan Tapes has that most of them don’t are the raw and then-relatively recent thoughts and memories of those where there, and early on in the journey.
Rochester Post Bulletin: A kitchen in the wilderness
Will Steger and his niece Rita Mae Steger have collaborated with longtime food journalist Beth Dooley on what can best be described as a cookbook/memoir.
Combined Academic Publishers Blog: Author Q&A with Nichola Khan
Nichola Khan is a reader in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Brighton. She is author of Mohajir Militancy in Pakistan and Mental Disorder: Anthropological Insights, and editor of Cityscapes of Violence in Karachi: Publics and Counterpublics. She is the author of Arc of the Journeyman (2021), published by the University of Minnesota Press.
THE MIGRANT'S PARADOX reviewed in Sociology Journal
Hall’s is an eloquently written book that powerfully channels anger at Britain’s hostile environment and its degradation of humanity.

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