Trees and Shrubs of the Upper Midwest


Carl Otto Rosendahl

As anyone who lives in the Upper Midwest or who has visited the region knows, this part of the country has an abundance and variety of trees and shrubs that make it a richly rewarding area for this aspect of nature study. Dr. Rosendahl provides a guide for the identification of the species of trees and shrubs, both native and cultivated, to be found in the region that roughly extends south from Manitoba through Minnesota, most of Wisconsin, the eastern half of the Dakotas, and parts of Iowa, Illinois, and upper Michigan. Of particular interest to gardeners and home landscape planners is the information he gives about the qualities, uses, and adaptability of the species. In all, some 345 species and 75 varieties, forms, and hybrids are described. This volume is a revision of and expansion of Trees and Shrubs of Minnesota by Rosendahl and Butters, which has long been out of print.

Carl Otto Rosendahl was a professor and chairman of botany at the University of Minnesota.

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