The Welfare State and Beyond

Success and Problems in Scandinavia


Gunnar Heckscher

Gunnar Heckscher’s career spanned the academic, political, and diplomatic worlds. Born in Sweden and educated at the University of Uppsala and Cambridge University, he served as director of the Stockholm School of Social Work and Local Administration from 1941 till 1954 and as a professor of political science at the University of Stockholm from 1948 till 1965. Heckscher was elected a member of the Swedish Riksdag in 1956 and became leader of the Conservative party in 1961. During these parliamentary years he was also a member of the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe, and chair of its Economic Committee. In 1965 he was appointed Sweden’s ambassador to India, Ceylon, and Nepal, and from 1970 till 1975 he held that post in Japan and the Republic of Korea. His books include The Study of Comparative Government and Politics and The Role of Small Nations: Today and Tomorrow.

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