The Mammals of Minnesota


Harvey L. Gunderson and James R. Beer

A handbook of classification, identification, distribution, and ecology of 81 species of mammals now or once found wild in Minnesota.

Minnesota has been the home of 81 species of mammals. This book is a comprehensive identification guide, also providing information on classification, distribution and ecology of these species. Each mammal is described in terms of size, color of fur, social and reproductive behavior, and interaction with people.

Evan B. Hazard took a degree in wildlife conservation at Cornell University and received his Ph.D. in zoology at the University of Michigan. He is professor of biology at Bemidji State University, where he also serves as curator of the mammal and bird collections.

Nan Kane received her bachelor of science degree in wildlife biology and management at the University of Minnesota. She works as a preparator at the University’s Bell Museum of Natural History and is studying painting and drawing in a program designed for apprentice artists.

Harvey L. Gunderson was a professor of zoology at the University of Nebraska.

James R. Beer was a professor of entomology and economic zoology at the University of Minnesota.

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