The Life and Works of the Troubadour Raimbaut D’Orange


Walter T. Pattison

The Life and Works of the Troubadour Raimbaut D’Orange was first published in 1952.

This scholarly work presents all the can be gleaned from history and literature concerning the twelfth-century Provencal troubadour-prince, Raimbaut d’Orange. There is a section on Raimbaut’s historical background, another providing an analytical study of his poetry, and a third giving the Old Provencal texts of the poems with variants, English translations, and notes. Texts of a apocryphal works, summaries of biographical documents and the text of the Provencal vida are given in appendixes. There are also a glossary and an index of a proper names from the poems. Previous studies of the troubadours have been largely based on the romantic concept of their lives. This study assembles existing factual knowledge and relates it in historical perspective to the troubadour’s epoch and environment.

Walter Pattison was born in 1903. He concentrated primarily on literature of the XIX century and additionally composed an anthology of Spanish literature. He additionally taught at the University of Minnesota as a professor of Spanish and Portuguese.

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