The Ferns and Fern Allies of Minnesota


Carl Otto Rosendahl and Frederic K. Butters

Ferns are the most abundant plants in many areas of Minnesota, and the beauty and variety of their leaf patterns make them a rewarding form of plant life for study. This handbook identifies and describes the 92 different kinds of ferns and fern allies that are native to the state. In addition, ten other ferns that grow in adjacent states and may be expected to be found in Minnesota are described. An introductory section tells how to collect and preserve specimens. Advice is given on how to transplant ferns to a garden and which species are best for different kinds of plantings or locations. An illustrated glossary consisting of four plates graphically defines the technical terms used in this book. Distribution maps and figures are placed closed to the text to which they pertain. Many of the plates are full sized so that a specimen may be placed on the page for identification.

Rolla M. Tryon, Jr. was Curator and Librarian of the American Fern Society’s library and herbarium. In addition to teaching, Tryon also served as Associate Editor of Brittonio, as Editor-in-Chief of Rhodora, and as President of the New England Botanical Club and the American Fern Society.

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