Studies in Higher Education

Biennial Report of the Committee on Educational Research, University of Minnesota, 1940-42


Committee on Educational Research

Studies in Higher Education was first published in 1943. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

The Biennial Report of the Committee on Educational Research, 1940-42

During this period the Committee on Educational Research devoted its resources primarily to two university-wide studies: those concerned with faculty services, and with the curriculum. The teaching load investigation formed the basis for establishing a sensible teaching load and provided a comprehensive analysis of the manifold activities for which the faculty and administrative staff are responsible. The curriculum study will be of greatest value if followed by more intensive studies in particular departments or colleges, some of which are already under way.

The Committee on Educational Research, comprising members from a variety of disciplines and departments, was established at the University of Minnesota for the purpose of studying and evaluating curriculum and its contribution to the local educational environment. During the late 1920s and early 1930s the Committee published a series of investigative reports through the University of Minnesota Press on certain problems in college education.

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