Prison, Probation, or Parole

A Probation Office Reports


Paul W. Keve

Paul W. Keve served as a probation officer in the United States District Court in Washington, D.C., and in the Arlington office of the Virginia probation and parole system. Most of the cases he describes took place in these areas. He worked a great deal with juvenile agencies, serving as chief of the Virginia Child Care Bureau and as consultant to the Virginia juvenile courts. He was assistant chief probation officer for Hennepin County District Court, Minnesota.


1 Friends with a Past
2 Not Very Good and Not Very Bad
3 When Is Parole a Success?
4 The "Case" Is Many People
5 White-Collar One-Timer
6 The Ordeal of Mrs. Quinn
7 Justice Humanized
8 Embezzlement, Feminine Gender
9 Grand Larceny, Small-Scale
10 Addicted to Marriage
11 The Psychopathic Charmer
12 The Casual Burglar
13 The Big Operator
14 The Foibles of the Young
15 Sex and Middle Age Prison, Probation, or Parole?
16 "I11 Met by Moonlight"-or by Daylight
17 Rape-Who Is the Victim?
18 Educating the Probation Officer - the Hard Way
19 Willing Victims
20 Abortion Is a Business
21 Brown Eyes to Remember