Place Names of Southwest Peloponnesus

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Demetrius J. Georgacas and William A. McDonald

This work contains listings, in Greek, of nearly 10,000 place names collected in approximately 300 settlements of regions in Peloponnesus, the southern peninsula of Greece. In their introduction the authors point out that the present-day toponyms reflect historical and linguistic developments through the ages and thus provide important source material for scholarly studies. Inhabitants of the region whose language was ancient Greek, Koine Greek, Byzantine Greek, South Slavic, Frankish, Venetian, Albanian, Turkish, or Neo-Greek have all left discernible traces in the local place names. The book will be useful not only to specialists in onomastics and linguistics but also to historians, archaeologists, geographers, and other researchers in Greek and comparative studies.

Demetrius J. Georgacas was a Professor of Modern Greek at the University of North Dakota.

William A. McDonald was Regents’ Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Minnesota and served as Director of the Minnesota Messenia expedition in southwest Greece.

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