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Introduction: Naturalizing Rhetoric
Thomas Patin

1. Being Here, Looking There: Mediating Vistas in the National Parks
of the Contemporary American West
Robert M. Bednar

2. Remembering Zion: Architectural Encounters in a National Park
Gregory Clark

3. Roadside Wilderness: U.S. National Park Design in the 1950s and 1960s
Peter Peters

4. Critical Vehicles Crash the Scene: Spectacular Nature and Popular Spectacle at the
Grand Canyon
Mark Neumann

5. How German Is the American West? The Legacy of Caspar David Friedrich’s
Visual Poetics in American Landscape Painting
Sabine Wilke

6. Yellowstone National Park in Metaphor: Place and Actor Representations
in Visitor Publications
David A. Tschida

7. Image/Text/Geography: Yellowstone and the Spatial Rhetoric of Landscape
Gareth John

8. Can Patriotism Be Carved in Stone? A Critical Analysis of Mount Rushmore’s
Orientation Films
Teresa Bergman

9. Thinking like a Mountain: Mount Rushmore’s Gaze
William Chaloupka

10. George Catlin’s Wilderness Utopia
Albert Boime

11. Memorials and Mourning: Recovering Native Resistance in and to the Monuments
of the Nation
Stephen Germic

12. America’s Best Idea: Environmental Public Memory and the Rhetoric of
Conservation Civics
Cindy Spurlock

13. America in Ruins: Parks, Poetics, and Politics
Thomas Patin