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Minnesota’s Rocks and Waters

A Geological Story


George M. Schwartz and George A. Thiel

Minnesota’s Rocks and Waters

Minnesota’s Rocks and Waters was first published in 1954. A revised edition was issued in 1963.

A revised, second edition of this popular book brings the work up to date, particularly in relation to recent findings by the carbon-dating method for determining geological chronology. Some illustrations and maps are replaced, and the text has been revised throughout. The book is widely used as a text for introductory geology courses and its equally popular with hobbyists and general readers. Nature Magazine called it “basic to a real understanding and enjoyment of the State.” Writing in the Journal of Geological Education, Kirtley Mather said the authors “make their science come alive with all its fascination for those who are curious to learn ‘how the world was made’ and with much of its significant values.”

Minnesota’s Rocks and Waters

George M. Schwartz was a professor of geology and mineralogy at the University of Minnesota and director of the Minnesota Geological Survey.

George A. Thiel was a professor of geology and mineralogy at the University of Minnesota.

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