Minnesota’s Endangered Flora and Fauna


Barbara A. Coffin and Lee Pfannmuller, editors
Illustrations by Jan A. Janssens, Nan Marie Kane, Kris A. Kohn, Don Luce, James Tidwell, and Vera Ming Wong

“Extinction of species, the silent crisis of our time, diminishes our world...and a commitment to the preservation of species diversity is fundamental to an optimistic view of the future of our own species,” says Harrison B. Tordoff in his forward to this comprehensive reference book. Minnesota’s Endangered Flora and Fauna is the result of a legislative mandate -- the 1981 amendment to the State Endangered Species Act -- which called upon the state’s Department of Natural Resources and an expert advisory committee to prepare a list of plants and animals in jeopardy.

Covered in the book are some 300 species, ranging from mosses and lichens to jumping spiders, and including vascular plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, fish, butterflies, mollusks, and tiger beetles. A chapter is devoted to each of these floral and faunal groups, with individual status accounts provided for all species. Each account includes the designation endangered, threatened, or special concern, the reasons for that choice, and related information on habitat and distribution. Endangered and threatened species are illustrated; state distribution maps are provided for all species, as well as information on national range. In their substantial introduction, the editors describe the historical background of this project; the components of Minnesota’s Endangered Species Program -- one of the most comprehensive and respected in the nation; and the state’s natural environment -- its diverse landforms and vegetation.

Barbara Coffin is Executive Producer at the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum of Natural History.

Lee Pfannmuller is Director of Ecological Services for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

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