Mark Antony

A Biography


Eleanor Goltz Huzar

Mark Antony: A Biography was first published in 1978.

In a chronological/topical approach, Professor Huzar recounts the details of Mark Antony’s life and his role in the history of Rome and the Roman Empire. The book serves as an excellent introduction to the shifting alliances, the feuds, and the ambitions of the rival politician/generals who held the fate of the Roman Republic in their hands. As Caesar’s lieutenant, Octavian’s rival, Cicero’s murderer, and Cleopatra’s lover, Antony led an exciting life, and this biography, written in a lively, readable style, reflects the excitement. But more than just a good story, the work provides a reappraisal of Antony’s career. Octavian, who won the power struggle for control of the Roman Empire, also won the propaganda war which resulted in what the author regards as a distorted image of Antony as presented in the various histories. Professor Huzar reveals that Antony was an honorable Roman, an effective general, and an able diplomat as well as a lover of women and good times.

The book is illustrated with maps and halftones, as well as a chart of the political sympathies of the primary Antony sources.

Eleanor Goltz Huzar is a former professor of history and former chair of the program in classical studies at Michigan State University.

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