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Jean-François Lyotard and Jean-Loup Thébaud
Translated by Wlad Godzich
Afterword by Samuel Weber

Just Gaming

Lyotard investigates the legitimation of knowledge when there is no unified public sphere, only discordant language games. He also considers the possibility of ethical political practice after deconstruction, while also giving it historical ground by relating these issues to figures like Aristotle and Kant.

Jean-François Lyotard (1925–1998) was one of the principal French philosophers and intellectuals of the twentieth century. His works include The Postmodern Condition, Postmodern Fables, and Signed, Malraux, all published by the University of Minnesota Press.

Jean-Loup Thébaud was editor of L’esprit.

Wlad Godzich is professor of comparative literature at the University of Geneva.

Samuel Weber is professor of English and comparative literature at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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