Fishes of the Minnesota Region


Gary L. Phillips, William D. Schmid, and James C. Underhill

A guide to the 149 species of fish found in Minnesota waters.

From Northern Pike to the Walleye, this is the definitive guide to all of Minnesota’s 149 kinds of fishes. Illustrated with over 80 color photographs, this book will appeal to enthusiastic anglers as well as curious naturalists.

Along with a guide to identification, the authors cover habitat, distribution, conservation, and even some recipes. If you catch a fish from one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes you’ll find a description of it in this book.

Gary L. Phillips, a science editor and ichthyologist, received his doctorate in zoology from the University of Minnesota. William D. Schmid is a recognized wildlife photographer, a specialist in comparative animal physiology and Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Emeritus at the University of Minnesota. James C. Underhill was curator of ichthyology at the Bell Museum of Natural History and coauthor, with Samuel Eddy, of the classic work Northern Fishes.

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