Counseling Use of the Strong Vocational Interest Blank


Wilbur L. Layton

Counseling Use of the Strong Vocational Interest Blank was first published in 1958.

The Strong Vocational Interest Blank is a test designed to measure or inventory an individual’s vocational interests. This booklet provides an introduction and a practical guide to help vocational counselors understand and use the Blank. Dr. Layton explains how the Blank is scored, how resulting profiles should be interpreted, what is the significance of various patterns of response, what is the relation of interests to other pertinent factors in vocational counseling, and how the Blank may be used in either individual or group counseling. High school counselors will find this an especially helpful resource.

This publication is No. 8 in the Minnesota Studies in Student Personnel Work Series.

Wilbur L. Layton is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Iowa State University and former associate professor and assistant director of the Student Counseling Bureau at the University of Minnesota.

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