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  • The first English translations of the original novellas about the iconic kaijū Godzilla
  • A fifty-year-old mystery converges with a present-day struggle over family, land, and history
  • The fourth and final volume in the Nobel Prize–winning writer’s epic of one man’s fateful life in medieval Norway
  • Now in paperback: a writer and former ski jumper facing a terminal diagnosis takes one more leap—into a past of soaring flights and broken family bonds
  • A fresh and vivid translation of Flaubert’s influential bildungsroman



  • The deep and personal story—told through history, poetry, and images—of the forced displacement of the Sámi people from their homeland in northern Norway and Sweden and its reverberations today
  • Exploring one of the greatest potential contributors to climate change—thawing permafrost—and the anxiety of extinction on an increasingly hostile planet
  • A witty and humble tribute to the sometimes profane, sometimes profound world of waiting tables
  • A comprehensive study of the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald, related in two-year chapters by twenty-three leading writers on the Jazz Age author
  • Stories from survivors of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness’s epochal weather disaster



  • Eclectic, experimental, and wildly imaginative climate fictions from a familiar world hauntingly transformed
  • Set loose a herd of bison in downtown Edmonton: what could go wrong?
  • The new novel from the author of As We Have Always Done, a poetic world-building journey into the power of Anishinaabe life and traditions amid colonialism
  • A brilliant work of speculative fiction, blending science and metaphysics, by a Japanese master of the 1970s New Wave
  • A postapocalyptic noir that asks if love and political ideals can survive civilizational collapse



  • The conception, creation, recording, and significance of the Beatles’ “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”
  • The emotional, epic story of James “Cornbread” Harris—a self-proclaimed “blessed dude” and one of Minneapolis’s most influential musicians
  • The story of the Minneapolis musicians unexpectedly summoned to re-record half of the songs on Bob Dylan's most acclaimed album
  • The raw material and interviews behind Anthony Scaduto’s iconic biography of Bob Dylan draw an intimate and multifaceted portrait of the singer-songwriter who defined his era
  • From the young Black teenager who built a bass guitar in woodshop to the musician building a solo career with Motown Records—Prince’s bassist BrownMark on growing up in Minneapolis, joining Prince and The Revolution, and his life in the purple kingdom


  • How the “bad feelings” of trans experience inform trans survival and flourishing
  • Locating the roots of toxic masculinity and finding its displacement in unruly culture
  • A groundbreaking twentieth-century history of transgender children
  • Uncovering the overlapping histories of blackness and trans identity from the nineteenth century to the present day
  • Examining trans- healthcare as a key site through which struggles for health and justice take shape


  • A personal journey of bringing together Western science and Indigenous ecology to transform our understanding of the human role in healing our planet
  • A stunning lyrical commentary on the constructions of race, gender, and class in the fraught nexus of a Black woman’s personal experience and cultural history
  • Tracing how the “Great Replacement” narrative has shaped far right extremism and propelled its dangerous political projects and acts of violence
  • An in-depth, perceptive account of the unconventional life of the Moomins’ beloved creator, now available in the United States
  • Travel through a garden’s seasons toward healing, reclamation, and wholeness—for us, and for our beloved relative, the Earth



  • Part memoir, part cultural history, these memories of seven aunts holding home and family together tell a crucial, often overlooked story of women of the twentieth century
  • The transformational possibilities of everyday hygiene and care practices
  • A wry, unvarnished chronicle of a career in the rare book trade—now in paperback
  • Travel through a garden’s seasons toward healing, reclamation, and wholeness—for us, and for our beloved relative, the Earth
  • The raw material and interviews behind Anthony Scaduto’s iconic biography of Bob Dylan draw an intimate and multifaceted portrait of the singer-songwriter who defined his era



  • A cultural icon of Lake Superior cuisine shares its story, recipes, and techniques
  • The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
  • The Soup and Bread Cookbook
  • The Steger Homestead Kitchen
  • Delicious recipes and community spirit make Appetite For Change a force for good in North Minneapolis



  • A landmark sociological examination of terrorism prosecution in United States courts
  • The first major qualitative study of “countering violent extremism” in key U.S. cities
  • Revealing a post-9/11 America in which a dubious identity concept has become a dragnet for the “deviant”
  • Reassessing the role of torture in the context of police violence, mass incarceration, and racial capitalism
  • What America’s intervention in Cambodia during the Vietnam War tells us about Cold War–era U.S. national security strategy


  • Poem-songs summon the voices of Anishinaabe ancestors and sing to future generations
  • A fifty-year-old mystery converges with a present-day struggle over family, land, and history
  • An extraordinary illustrated biography of a Métis man and Anishinaabe woman navigating great changes in their homeland along the U.S.–Canada border in the early twentieth century
  • What are the limits of political solidarity, and how can visual culture contribute to social change?
  • Who has the right to represent Native history?



  • Interdisciplinary essays on Manuela Infante’s award-winning play explore the relationship between critical plant studies and performance art in the Anthropocene
  • An exploration of the explosive illegal trade in succulents and the passion that drives it
  • A radical proposal for how a tiny organism can transform our understanding of human relations
  • The first complete resource for the practical use of plants in the Anishinaabe culture and the stories that surround them
  • Exploring the idea that plants can think, feel, and communicate as a way of reconfiguring our relationship with the natural world



  • How two teenage girls in Minnesota jump-started a revolution in high school athletics
  • Travel with Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins on her compelling journey from America’s heartland to international sports history, navigating challenges and triumphs with rugged grit and a splash of glitter
  • The complex and dramatic history of an illegal teachers’ strike that forever altered labor relations and Minnesota politics
  • Forty-four years after two men married in a legal ceremony in Minnesota, the Supreme Court has decided the question first raised by these gay pioneers
  • The remarkable eighty-five-day journey of the first two women to canoe the 2,000-mile route from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay



  • A postapocalyptic noir that asks if love and political ideals can survive civilizational collapse
  • A harrowing early novel by one of France’s most unusual contemporary writers
  • Philosophically analyzing the work of one of the twentieth century’s most popular and peculiar science fiction authors
  • A walking journey through France’s vast interior becomes a meditation on both personal recovery and the role of history in the present—more than 425,000 copies sold in France
  • A philosopher and former racing cyclist examines how competitive riders lose their sense of self as they pursue perfect motion and mastery over pain



  • A philosophical challenge to the ableist conflation of disability and pain
  • Imagining anti-ableist liberation beyond the rubrics of access and inclusion
  • Revealing inequalities and sensory hierarchies embedded in the latest medical technologies and global biotechnical markets
  • Young adults with intellectual disability tell the story of their own experience of higher education
  • A radical critique of architecture that places disability at the heart of the built environment



  • A look at how post-9/11 cinema captures the new face of war in the twenty-first century
  • A timely and trenchant commentary on the centrality of Nietzsche’s thought for our time
  • A timely rethinking of the archetypal story of Noah, the great flood, and who was left behind as the waters rose
  • Tracing war’s expansion beyond the battlefield to the concept of the human being itself
  • A pathbreaking look at how progressive policy change for economic justice has swept U.S. cities



  • The long and pernicious relationship between fast food restaurants and the African American community
  • Redefining the artistic movement that helped shape American modernism
  • Examining architecture’s foundational role in the repression of democracy
  • How representations of the preparation, sale, and consumption of leftovers in nineteenth-century urban France link socioeconomic and aesthetic history
  • A critical look at the competing motivations behind one of modern architecture’s most widely known and misunderstood movements



  • For the first time in English, the introductory volume in a major French philosopher’s groundbreaking series of poetic transdisciplinary works
  • The foundational work in the area now known as posthuman thought
  • Renowned philosopher Michel Serres finds the origins of knowledge in the movement of the body
  • Presents a philosophy that merges the humanities with all creation
  • An engaging critique of the science and metaphysics behind our understanding of the universe



  • Unlocking the technosocial implications of global geek cultures
  • How animation can reconnect us with bodily experiences
  • For students, fans, and scholars alike, this wide-ranging primer on anime employs a panoply of critical approaches
  • A formal approach to anime rethinks globalization and transnationality under neoliberalism
  • A major work destined to change how scholars and students look at television and animation



  • Applying insights from philosophy and cognitive science to address the urgent issue of smartphone-induced distracted driving
  • Uncovering injustices built into our everyday surroundings
  • A radical rethinking of the theory and the experience of mental images
  • A sweeping new ecological take on technology
  • The first philosophy of technology, constructing humans as technological and technology as an underpinning of all culture



  • Why the global health project to avert emerging microbes continually fails
  • Examining the racial underpinnings of food, microbial medicine, and disgust in America
  • A fascinating ethnography of microbes that opens up new spaces for anthropological inquiry
  • Assesses a promising new approach to restoring the health of our bodies and our planet
  • How computer animation technologies became vital visualization tools in the life sciences



  • When inclusion into the fold of citizenship is conditioned by a social group’s conceit to ritual violence, humiliation, and exploitation, what can anti-citizenship offer us?
  • The unintended consequences of youth empowerment programs for Latino boys
  • Learning from children about citizenship status and how it shapes their school experience
  • Exploring the role of identitarian politics in the privatization of Newark’s public school system
  • Explores how university governance is restricted by ceremony and what it must do to survive



  • Shipwreck stories from along Minnesota’s north shore of Lake Superior and Isle Royale
  • A gripping tale of one of the worst shipwrecks in Great Lakes history and of remarkable survival against all odds
  • The first complete—and fully illustrated—account of the deadliest storm in Great Lakes history
  • A moving account of the legendary Great Lakes shipwreck
  • A documentary drawn from testimony at the Coast Guard’s official inquiry looks anew at one of the most storied, and mysterious, shipwrecks in American history



  • The transformational possibilities of everyday hygiene and care practices
  • A groundbreaking feminist perspective on Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) rule in Bolivia and the country’s radical transformation under Evo Morales
  • Questioning the boundaries between politics and economics
  • A powerful new understanding of cooperation as an antidote to alienation and inequality
  • A unique more-than-capitalist take on urban dynamics



  • A close-up history of the Yugoslav artists who broke down the boundaries between public and private
  • Interpreting the meaning of hospitality in an unwelcoming political moment
  • How participatory art enabled collaboration between institutions and politicized artists in 1980s New York
  • Modeling a disability culture perspective on performance practice toward socially just futures
  • An expansive and revelatory study of Robert Smithson’s life and the hidden influences on his iconic creations



  • Exploring how Indigenous media has flourished across Canada from the 1990s to the present
  • A cultural history of the enduring relationship between film spectatorship and intoxicating substances
  • An exploration of the fundamental bond between cinema and the cosmos
  • Connecting interactive cinema to media ethics and global citizenship
  • Formative writings by French avant-garde filmmaker Chris Marker



  • How social media has become a critical tool for advancing the interests of the Canadian oil industry
  • Examines how settler colonial and sexist infrastructures and narratives order a resource boom
  • A collective engages and mirrors the critical need for energy justice and transformation
  • A vital contribution to environmental humanities that explores artistic responses to the plastic age
  • How contemporary environmental struggles and resistance to pipeline development became populist struggles



  • Uncovering the pernicious narratives white people create to justify white supremacy and sustain racist oppression
  • This vital addition to carceral, prison, and disability studies draws important new links between deinstitutionalization and decarceration
  • Considers colonial school–prison systems in relation to the self-determination of Native communities, nations, and peoples
  • A brilliant and rich gathering of voices on the American experience of this past year and beyond, from Indigenous writers and writers of color from Minnesota
  • Examines how radical bookstores and similar spaces serve as launching pads for social movements



  • Advancing a phenomenological approach to deep time
  • Humanists, scientists, and artists collaborate to address the disjunctive temporalities of ecological crisis
  • How poetry can help us think about and live in the Anthropocene by reframing our intimate relationship with geological time
  • A bold new consideration of climate change between narratives of the Earth’s layers and policy of the present
  • A breathtaking tour through thousands of years of urban life and its attendant technologies, rewriting the history of our cities



  • The first English translation of letters of arrest from eighteenth century France held in the archives of the Bastille
  • How the queer correspondence art of Ray Johnson disrupted art world conventions and anticipated today’s highly networked culture
  • From the telegraph to the touchscreen, how the development of binary switching transformed everyday life and changed the shape of human agency
  • The history of how a deceptively ordinary piece of office furniture transformed our relationship with information
  • An eye-opening look at why a “good night’s sleep” might be anything but



  • After Effects
  • Our Grateful Dead
  • What God Is Honored Here?
  • Jack and the Ghost
  • We Know How This Ends



  • Amid the historical decimation of species around the globe, a new way into the language of loss
  • What exactly is it we want from dogs today?
  • The role of American hospital expansions in health disparities and medical apartheid
  • Explores ecological impasses and opportunities of our fossil-fueled civilization
  • Exploring how the crisis of the world ocean is produced by capitalism and imperialism