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The Sacred Era
A Novel A brilliant work of speculative fiction, blending science and metaphysics, by a Japanese master of the 1970s New Wave Yoshio Aramaki 2017 Book
Shopping Town
Designing the City in Suburban America For the first time in English, the “father of the shopping mall” tells his life story Victor Gruen 2017 Book
The Man Who Walked in Color
A renowned art historian’s careful reading of the work of American artist James Turrell Georges Didi-Huberman 2017 Book
Out of the Blue
New Short Fiction from Iceland A groundbreaking collection of fiction from Iceland’s best contemporary authors 2017 Book
The Anguish of Thought
A groundbreaking inquiry into modernist thinkers, anxiety, and writing Évelyne Grossman 2017 Book
Letter to an Inuk from 2022
A vibrant call for cultural preservation Jean Malaurie 2017 Book
From America to Norway IV
Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters 1838–1914, Volume IV: Indexes The experience of early Norwegian-American immigrants, told in their letters home—now discoverable in an extensive index 2018 Book
Marxist Thought and the City
For the first time in English, Lefebvre’s essential work on how Marx and Engels conceptualized the development of the city Henri Lefebvre 2016 Book
“Night and Fog”
A Film in History A microhistory of arguably the most important documentary ever made Sylvie Lindeperg 2014 Book
Didactic Poetries
The inaugural publication in English of one of France’s most important contemporary poets Philippe Beck 2016 Book