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Medieval Identity Machines
A provocative new approach to medieval culture Jeffrey J. Cohen 2003 Book
An Ecology of the Inhuman A beautifully written account of stone’s intimacy to what it means to be human Jeffrey Jerome Cohen 2015 Book
Prismatic Ecology
Ecotheory beyond Green Traces the impress and agency of ecologies that cannot be reduced to the bucolic expanses of green readings 2013 Book
Monster Theory
Reading Culture Explores concepts of monstrosity in Western civilization from Beowulf to Jurassic Park. 1996 Book
Of Giants
Sex, Monsters, and the Middle Ages Considers what monsters tell us about identity in the medieval period. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen 1999 Book
Veer Ecology
A Companion for Environmental Thinking An innovative toolkit designed to prompt new awareness of the risk and potential of living on—and with—an alarmingly dynamic planet 2017 Book
Elemental Ecocriticism
Thinking with Earth, Air, Water, and Fire Brings to ecotheory and the environmental humanities the challenges and possibilities offered by thinking in elemental terms 2015 Book
The Monster Theory Reader
A collection of scholarship on monsters and their meaning—across genres, disciplines, methodologies, and time—from foundational texts to the most recent ... 2020 Book
Zombie Theory
A Reader An interdisciplinary collection of the best international scholarship on zombies as the embodiment of anxieties, critiques, and desires 2017 Book
Environmental Politics and Pleasures in Posthuman Times A bold call to approach environmentalism from the inside out Stacy Alaimo 2016 Book