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Diving into the Wealth of Food Waste in America Freegans, who try to live on what we throw away, reveal the limits of capitalism but also the limits of consumer activism in changing it Alex V. Barnard 2016 Book
Unconditional Equality
Gandhi's Religion of Resistance The first book on Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy to be informed by postcolonialism Ajay Skaria 2016 Book
Multiple Autisms
Spectrums of Advocacy and Genomic Science Investigates the ever-expanding meanings of autism to those who study the disorder and to those who live with it Jennifer S. Singh 2016 Book
The Different Modes of Existence
Exploring the aesthetic depths of the various modes of existence by one of France’s most heralded but forgotten thinkers of existential pluralism Etienne Souriau 2015 Book
Mechademia 10
World Renewal The ongoing effects of 3/11 in Japan through anime and manga 2015 Book
Cartography of Exhaustion
Nihilism Inside Out A meditation on the possibility of fighting off the exhaustion of our contemporary age of communicative and connective excess Peter Pál Pelbart 2015 Book
Tongzhi Living
Men Attracted to Men in Postsocialist China A revealing study of men attracted to men trying to create community in a modern Chinese city Tiantian Zheng 2015 Book
The Challenge of Surrealism
The Correspondence of Theodor W. Adorno and Elisabeth Lenk An epistolary treasure trove and a newly contextualized look at philosopher Theodor W. Adorno Elisabeth Lenk and Theodor W. Adorno 2015 Book
Simultaneous Worlds
Global Science Fiction Cinema Reframes science fiction cinema as a global genre 2015 Book
All Thoughts Are Equal
Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy A much-needed illumination of the “non-philosophy” of François Laruelle John Ó Maoilearca 2015 Book