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Book Scenarios II
Signs of Life; Even Dwarfs Started Small; Fata Morgana; Heart of Glass The second in a series: the master filmmaker’s prose scenarios for four of his notable films Werner Herzog 2018 Book
Book Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks
This volume introduces a new and invaluable selection of Gramsci's work. The editor brings together Gramsci's writings on religion, education, science, philosophy, and economic theory. Antonio Gramsci 1995 Book
Book The Semiotics of Passion
From States of Affairs to States of Feelings A thought-provoking investigation of the multifaceted complexity of literary object-semiotics and the various representations of emotions. Algirdas Julien Greimas and Jacques Fontanille 1992 Book
Book Theory and History of Folklore
A selection of seven essays and three book chapters from Russian folklorist Propp’s later work. Vladimir Propp 1984 Book
Book Octet Stream Ibsen’s Drama
Author to Audience Einar Haugen 1979 Book
Book Mission in the Marianas
An Account of Father Diego Luis de Sanvitores and His Companions, 1669-1670 Book
Book A Thousand Plateaus
Capitalism and Schizophrenia A positive exercise in the affirmative, “nomad” thought called for in its companion volume, Anti-Oedipus. This series of essays address war and death, territoriality and the anthropology of groups, model theory, and psychosis. Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari 1987 Book
Book The Colonial Harem
A collection of picture postcards of Algerian women exploited by the French, this “album” illustrates a powerful analysis of the distorting, denigrating effects of their presence on Algerian Society. Malek Alloula 1986 Book
Book C source code William of Sherwood’s Introduction to Logic
Book In Their Own Words
Letters from Norwegian Immigrants Forming an engaging, colorful mosaic of voices from the immigrant experience, this collection of letters offers a unique perspective on historical events as well as the experience of everyday life. 1990 Book