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The Sacred Era
A Novel A brilliant work of speculative fiction, blending science and metaphysics, by a Japanese master of the 1970s New Wave Yoshio Aramaki 2017 Book
The Various Styles of Clothing
A fascinating collection of fashions of the sixteenth century. François Deserps 2001 Book
The Songs of António Botto
The rediscovery of a major voice in modern gay poetry and twentieth-century letters António Botto 2010 Book
An unlimited prehistory of the world that opens up its unpredictable future Jacques Derrida 2017 Book
Adolescence without End A best-selling work of Japanese psychology that brought attention to the widespread problem of acute social withdrawal Saito Tamaki 2013 Book
Discourse, Figure
Lyotard’s earliest major work, available in English for the first time Jean-François Lyotard 2020 Book
International Adaptations of the MMPI-2
Research and Clinical Applications The first cross-cultural guide to the world's most widely used personality test. 1996 Book
In Babel's Shadow
Multilingual Literatures, Monolingual States A study of the limits of multilingual literary expression in print culture Brian Lennon 2010 Book
Individuation in Light of Notions of Form and Information, Volume II
Volume II: Supplemental Texts Unique access to archival material of a major thinker, including presentations, early drafts, and a thorough introduction to the history of the philosophical ... Gilbert Simondon 2020 Book
Archives of Infamy
Foucault on State Power in the Lives of Ordinary Citizens Expanding the insights of Arlette Farge and Michel Foucault’s Disorderly Families into policing, public order, (in)justice, and daily life 2019 Book