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Book Inanimation
Theories of Inorganic Life An exuberantly original perspective on what it means to be “alive” David Wills 2016 Book
Book chemical/x-isostar Poems of a Penisist
A collection of homoerotic poetry by one of Japan’s most prominent poets Mutsuo Takahashi 2012 Book
Book Post-History
Thinking possibilities for freedom in a programmed world Vilém Flusser 2013 Book
Book Elements of a Philosophy of Technology
On the Evolutionary History of Culture The first philosophy of technology, constructing humans as technological and technology as an underpinning of all culture Ernst Kapp 2018 Book
Book PS document The Lost Steps
Three works of fiction by the inventor of magic realism-now back in print! Alejo Carpentier 2001 Book
Book Trilogy of Resistance
The first collection of plays—provocative political dramas—by the coauthor of the best-selling book Empire Antonio Negri 2011 Book
Book D source code Hybrid Child
A Novel A classic of Japanese speculative fiction that blurs the line between consumption and creation when a cyborg assumes the form and spirit of a murdered child Mariko Ōhara 2018 Book
Book Sade
The Invention of the Libertine Body A new model for examining Sade and his creations. Marcel Henaff 1999 Book
Book Culture in the Plural
An essential engagement with multiculturalism and identity politics. Michel de Certeau 1997 Book
Book What Is Information?
A novel way of looking at information challenges longstanding dogmas—from a preeminent German thinker Peter Janich 2018 Book