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Book The University of Minnesota, 1945-2000
An engaging look at the University’s past fifty years, in celebration of its sesquicentennial. Stanford Lehmberg and Ann M. Pflaum 2000 Book
Book D source code Learning to Divide the World
Education at Empire’s End Examines education’s contribution to colonialism and explores how this legacy can be overcome. John Willinsky 1999 Book
Book Seeing the Raven
Witty and reflective author Leschak recreates his experience of the northern Minnesota landscape. Peter M. Leschak 1999 Book
Book Insurgencies
Constituent Power and the Modern State An important work of revolutionary thought—with a new foreword Antonio Negri 1999 Book
Book Chaos and Governance in the Modern World System
Examines what historic transformations in power relationships can teach us about our own time--and about what lies ahead. Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly J. Silver 1999 Book
Book Empire of Meaning
The Humanization of the Social Sciences An essential guide to Continental philosophy after structuralism. François Dosse 1998 Book
Book The Witness of Combines
An exciting new writer looks at rural life and coming of age. Kent Meyers 1998 Book
Book Rape Warfare
The Hidden Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia A shocking and impassioned exposé of new and horrifying methods of war in the Balkans. Beverly Allen 1996 Book
Book The Vampire Lectures
A wild and wide-ranging “psycho-history” of the vampire. Laurence A. Rickels 1999 Book
Book chemical/x-hin A Wilderness Within
The Life of Sigurd F. Olson The critically acclaimed biography of this venerable naturalist and writer. David Backes 1999 Book