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The Collected Poems of Édouard Glissant The Collected Poems of Édouard Glissant
The complete poems of the finalist for the Nobel Prize in Literature—now in paper Édouard Glissant 2019 Book
Clearing Out Clearing Out
A Novel In a masterful blend of fiction and autobiography, a Norwegian novelist sends her character to the far north to learn what she can about their Sami ancestry Helene Uri 2019 Book
By the Fire By the Fire
Sami Folktales and Legends The first English publication of Sami folktales from Scandinavia collected and illustrated in the early twentieth century Emilie Demant Hatt 2019 Book
The Devil’s Wedding Ring The Devil’s Wedding Ring
A mysterious disappearance at a 13th-century church in his native Norway draws detective Max Fjellanger into an old case—and a world of ancient ritual, ... Vidar Sundstøl 2019 Book
The Rent of Form The Rent of Form
Architecture and Labor in the Digital Age A critique of prominent architects’ approach to digitally driven design and labor practices over the past two decades Pedro Fiori Arantes 2018 Book
Graziella Graziella
A Novel In its first modern translation, a novel-cum-memoir of a Frenchman’s erotic awakening in Italy by a preeminent writer of the Romantic period Alphonse de Lamartine 2018 Book
The Tomb of the Artisan God The Tomb of the Artisan God
On Plato’s Timaeus A far-reaching reinterpretation of Plato’s Timaeus and its engagement with time, eternity, body, and soul that in its original French edition profoundly ... Serge Margel 2019 Book
The Book of the Dead The Book of the Dead
The first complete English translation of a Japanese literary masterpiece Shinobu Orikuchi 2016 Book
Another Mother Another Mother
Diotima and the Symbolic Order of Italian Feminism A groundbreaking volume introduces the unique feminist thought of the longstanding Italian group known as Diotima 2018 Book
Pictures of Longing Pictures of Longing
Photography and the Norwegian–American Migration Haunting and revealing photographs sent home by Norwegian immigrants in America as visual document and collective expression of the emigrant experience Sigrid Lien 2018 Book