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Before the Law
The Complete Text of Préjugés Thinking judgment in relation to the work of Jean-François Lyotard Jacques Derrida 2018 Book
Elements of a Philosophy of Technology
On the Evolutionary History of Culture The first philosophy of technology, constructing humans as technological and technology as an underpinning of all culture Ernst Kapp 2018 Book
Scenarios II
Signs of Life; Even Dwarfs Started Small; Fata Morgana; Heart of Glass The second in a series: the master filmmaker’s prose scenarios for four of his notable films Werner Herzog 2018 Book
99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value
A Postcapitalist Manifesto A speculative exploration of value, emphasizing practical experimentation in its future forms Brian Massumi 2018 Book
Survival of the Fireflies
Seeking out the minor lights of friendship in a time of fascism Georges Didi-Huberman 2018 Book
Hybrid Child
A Novel A classic of Japanese speculative fiction that blurs the line between consumption and creation when a cyborg assumes the form and spirit of a murdered child Mariko Ōhara 2018 Book
Powers of Time
Versions of Bergson “The philosopher neither obeys, nor commands; he seeks to sympathize.” —Henri Bergson David Lapoujade 2017 Book
The Improvisatore
A Novel of Italy A semi-autobiographical novel inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s travels in Italy—and one of the author’s best-known works in his native Denmark Hans Christian Andersen 2018 Book
Inside the Gate
Sigrid Undset’s Life at Bjerkebæk Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset’s life at Bjerkebæk, her retreat in Lillehammer, Norway Nan Bentzen Skille 2018 Book
What Is Information?
A novel way of looking at information challenges longstanding dogmas—from a preeminent German thinker Peter Janich 2018 Book