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Translation and Subjectivity
On Japan and cultural nationalism Explores the cultural politics of translation in the context of Japan. Naoki Sakai and Meaghan Morris 1997 Book
Beautiful Fighting Girl
From Nausicaä to Sailor Moon, understanding girl heroines of manga and anime within otaku culture Saito Tamaki 2011 Book
The Continental Model
Selected French Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century in English Translation Book
Trilogy of Resistance
The first collection of plays—provocative political dramas—by the coauthor of the best-selling book Empire Antonio Negri 2011 Book
“Night and Fog”
A Film in History A microhistory of arguably the most important documentary ever made Sylvie Lindeperg 2014 Book
Translated Nation
Rewriting the Dakhóta Oyáte How authors rendered Dakhóta philosophy by literary means to encode ethical and political connectedness and sovereign life within a settler surveillance ... Christopher Pexa 2019 Book
Twelve Views from the Distance
An incandescent memoir of a boy’s coming of age in wartime Japan Mutsuo Takahashi 2012 Book
Social Origins of Religion
A classic work that provides an essential framework for the study of the sacred Roger Bastide 2003 Book
The Art of the Motor
A major new work-and a best-seller in France-by one of the most exciting figures in contemporary French thought, this book asks how technology has changed ... Paul Virilio 1995 Book
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