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Transnational LGBT Activism
Working for Sexual Rights Worldwide A firsthand account of the work of transnational LGBT human rights activists Ryan R. Thoreson 2014 Book
Blood of Requited Love
Cruel love and heartbreak remembered. Manuel Puig 1999 Book
The Songs of António Botto
The rediscovery of a major voice in modern gay poetry and twentieth-century letters António Botto 2010 Book
Down There on a Visit
The sequel to Berlin Stories, now back in print. Christopher Isherwood 1999 Book
The Memorial
A lively, ironic portrayal of England in the 1920s, now back in print. Christopher Isherwood 1999 Book
Twelve Views from the Distance
An incandescent memoir of a boy’s coming of age in wartime Japan Mutsuo Takahashi 2012 Book
Poems of a Penisist
A collection of homoerotic poetry by one of Japan’s most prominent poets Mutsuo Takahashi 2012 Book
Pubis Angelical
A tale of intrigue and sexual entrapment. Manuel Puig 2000 Book
Tongzhi Living
Men Attracted to Men in Postsocialist China A revealing study of men attracted to men trying to create community in a modern Chinese city Tiantian Zheng 2015 Book
Female Sexuality When Normal Wasn’t Reveals the lack of historical basis of heterosexuality as the sexual norm Karma Lochrie 2005 Book