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Murray Talks Music
Albert Murray on Jazz and Blues Rare and previously unpublished work from an influential critic, cultural theorist, and champion of jazz Albert Murray 2016 Book
Stomping the Blues
The 40th anniversary edition of a landmark study of blues and jazz by one of America’s premier essayists and novelists Albert Murray 2017 Book
ExternalPageBrain Remembering the fierce thinker and jazz historian Albert Murray, who would have turned 100 today.
Albert Murray (1916–2013), renowned jazz historian, critic, writer, social and cultural theorist, and cofounder (with Wynton Marsalis) of Jazz at Li ... 05/12/2016 Blog Post
The Nation: A Blues for Albert Murray
His name was never household familiar. Yet his complex, mind-opening analysis of art and life remains as timely as ever—probably more so. 05/21/2016 Press Clip
ArtsFuse: Murray talks music, and so much more—the legacy and lessons of Albert Murray
Before Murray Talks Music, there was little in print of Albert Murray as spontaneous orator. This new collection corrects that problem and shows how brilliant ... 05/08/2016 Press Clip
Good Morning Blues
The Autobiography of Count Basie The riveting autobiography of Count Basie Count Basie 2016 Book
The Life and Opinions of Papa Jo Jones The life and times of Papa Jo Jones, gifted raconteur and one of the greatest drummers in the history of jazz Papa Jo Jones 2011 Book
Shepherd Express: Listen to the Music
Review of Albert Murray's MURRAY TALKS MUSIC. 08/19/2016 Press Clip
Murray Talks Music excerpt in Full Stop
Art is About Elegant Form: An Interview with Albert Murray by Wynton Marsalis. 07/22/2016 Press Clip
New York Times: The Blues? Overcoming Hard Times Through Swinging Elegance
The first sentence uttered by Albert Murray in “Murray Talks Music,” an insightful new book published by the University of Minnesota Press, is a concise ... 05/21/2016 Press Clip