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Book Private Lives, Proper Relations
Regulating Black Intimacy Respectability, intimacy, and sexuality in African American women’s narratives Candice M. Jenkins 2007 Book
Book Black Hunger
Soul Food and America Explores the complex relationship between food and African American history Doris Witt 2004 Book
Book Afro-Orientalism
Reveals a century of political solidarity uniting Asians and African Americans Bill V. Mullen 2004 Book
Book Each Hour Redeem
Time and Justice in African American Literature A major reinterpretation of African American literature through its tropes of time Daylanne K. English 2013 Book
Book Listen to the Lambs
A rediscovered landmark in African American political and popular history Johnny Otis 2009 Book
Book audio/x-realaudio Penumbra
The Premier Stage for African American Drama The remarkable history of the nation’s foremost African American theatre company Macelle Mahala 2013 Book
Book Fighting Words
Black Women and the Search for Justice Explores what African American women and other historically oppressed groups can teach us about social justice. Patricia Hill Collins 1998 Book
Book Thursdays and Every Other Sunday Off
A Domestic Rap by Verta Mae Observations from the lives of African American domestic workers—back in print Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor 2018 Book
Book Further to Fly
Black Women and the Politics of Empowerment How feminism has failed African American women and why they must fight back. Sheila Radford-Hill 2000 Book
Book Who Writes for Black Children?
African American Children’s Literature before 1900 Innovative essays that challenge us to imagine African American children’s literature during the slavery and reconstruction eras 2017 Book