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Edges of the State Edges of the State
Using philosophical and scientific work to engage the perennial question of human nature John Protevi 2019 Book
Life, War, Earth Life, War, Earth
Deleuze and the Sciences Applies Deleuzian theory to an impressive array of physical phenomena, scientific issues, and political events John Protevi 2013 Book
Political Affect Political Affect
Connecting the Social and the Somatic Encounters the visceral connection between politics and emotion John Protevi 2009 Book
The Eye of War The Eye of War
Military Perception from the Telescope to the Drone How perceptual technologies have shaped the history of war from the Renaissance to the present Antoine Bousquet 2018 Book
Bioaesthetics Bioaesthetics
Making Sense of Life in Science and the Arts A comprehensive critique of the ideas behind bioaesthetics, and a necessary, methodical account of both its insights and its deficiencies Carsten Strathausen 2017 Book
Critical Inquiry: Life, War, Earth
Eugene Holland reviews John Protevi's book. 07/16/2014 Press Clip
Life, War, Earth: "A wonderfully stimulating conceptual toolbox."
Interview with John Protevi's at NBn/New Books in Science, Technology, and Society. 08/27/2014 Press Clip
ExternalPageBrain Author Q&A: On Gilles Deleuze, philosophical tools, and "Political Affect"
John Protevi, a professor of French studies at Louisiana State University, is author of Political Affect: Connecting the Social and the Somatic , w ... 03/23/2012 Blog Post
ExternalPageBrain From the MLA
Now that we're back, and well-rested, from the Modern Language Association Convention in Philadelphia last week, we thought we'd share some candid sho ... 01/04/2010 Blog Post