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Book Selected Philosophical and Methodological Papers
A collection of papers that demonstrates the unusual scope and imagination of Meehl’s contributions to the field of philosophy, inlcuding incisive writings on the mind-body problem, freedom and determinism, psychoanalytic explanation, theory appraisal, moral … (more) Paul E. Meehl 1991 Book
Book SIS package Psychodiagnosis
Selected Papers Paul E. Meehl Book
Book The Foundations of Science and the Concepts of Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Book Concepts, Theories, and the Mind-Body Problem
Book The Limits of Scientific Reasoning
Draws upon the findings of cognitive psychology to show that human judgment is far more limited than we have tended to believe, and that all individuals, scientists included, have a surprisingly restricted capacity to … (more) David Faust 1984 Book
Book D source code Analyses of Theories and Methods of Physics and Psychology
Book D source code Mind, Matter, and Method
Essays in Philosophy and Science in Honor of Herbert Feigl Book
Page MMPI-2 Non-K-Corrected Scores
A discussion of the MMPI-2 Non-K-Corrected Scores, including related research and scoring information. 09/04/2015 Page