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Book Into the Universe of Technical Images
An examination of the promise and peril of digital communication technologies Vilém Flusser 2011 Book
Book text/texmacs On the Mode of Existence of Technical Objects
A groundbreaking study on the universe of technical objects by one of France’s most important thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century. Gilbert Simondon 2016 Book
Book Does Writing Have a Future?
A prescient exploration of the fate of the book in the digital age Vilém Flusser 2011 Book
Press Clip Flusser 3X in Afterimage
Afterimage reviews two books by Vilem Flusser (Into the Universe of Technical Images and Does Writing Have a Future?) as well as Vilem Flusser: An Introduction. 03/06/2012 Press Clip
Book Building Access
Universal Design and the Politics of Disability Rich with archival images, the first critical history of the Universal Design movement Aimi Hamraie 2017 Book
Book VCS/ICS calendar Design Technics
Archaeologies of Architectural Practice Leading scholars historicize and theorize technology’s role in architectural design 2019 Book
Book Obsessive Images
Symbolism in Poetry of the 1930s and 1940s Joseph Warren Beach Book
Book Our Own Image
A Story of a Māori Filmmaker An insightful look at the introduction of Fourth Cinema into the mainstream Barry Barclay 2015 Book
Book D source code Homes in the Heartland
Balloon Frame Farmhouses of the Upper Midwest Discover the architecture and construction behind the ubiquitous farmhouses of the Midwest Fred W. Peterson 2008 Book
Book Immigration and American History
Essays in Honor of Theodore C. Blegen Book