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Into the Universe of Technical Images
An examination of the promise and peril of digital communication technologies Vilém Flusser 2011 Book
Pulses of Abstraction
Episodes from a History of Animation Reshapes the history of abstract animation and its importance to computer imagery and cinema Andrew R. Johnston 2020 Book
The Eye of War
Military Perception from the Telescope to the Drone How perceptual technologies have shaped the history of war from the Renaissance to the present Antoine Bousquet 2018 Book
Biology in the Grid
Graphic Design and the Envisioning of Life How grids paved the way for our biological understanding of organisms Phillip Thurtle 2018 Book
Archaeologies of Touch
Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing A material history of haptics technology that raises new questions about the relationship between touch and media David Parisi 2018 Book
Does Writing Have a Future?
A prescient exploration of the fate of the book in the digital age Vilém Flusser 2011 Book
Flusser 3X in Afterimage
Afterimage reviews two books by Vilem Flusser (Into the Universe of Technical Images and Does Writing Have a Future?) as well as Vilem Flusser: An Introduction. 03/06/2012 Press Clip
Variations on Media Thinking
A diverse, enriching volume of media analysis from a pioneering thinker in the field Siegfried Zielinski 2019 Book
A Fictive Kinship: Making "Modernity," "Ancient Hawaiians," and the Telescopes on Mauna Kea
What can Mauna Kea teach us about settler colonialism in Hawai‘i? This article -analyzes the politics and poetics of the struggle over Mauna a Wākea and the ... 02/28/2020 Page
ExternalPageBrain 2018: The Year of Haptics? (Part II of II)
David Parisi Associate Professor of Emerging Media, College of Charleston ------- Preceded by Part I. ------- Historicizing Haptic Hype Also in ... 07/25/2018 Blog Post