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Into the Universe of Technical Images
An examination of the promise and peril of digital communication technologies Vilém Flusser 2011 Book
Does Writing Have a Future?
A prescient exploration of the fate of the book in the digital age Vilém Flusser 2011 Book
Flusser 3X in Afterimage
Afterimage reviews two books by Vilem Flusser (Into the Universe of Technical Images and Does Writing Have a Future?) as well as Vilem Flusser: An Introduction. 03/06/2012 Press Clip
ExternalPageBrain New media and old philosophy: What would Vilém Flusser think about e-books?
BY ANKE FINGER Associate professor of German studies and comparative literature at the University of Connecticut In an essay titled “The New Imagi ... 12/14/2011 Blog Post
Archaeologies of Touch
Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing A material history of haptics technology that raises new questions about the relationship between touch and media David Parisi 2018 Book
ExternalPageBrain Aliens, monsters, and revolution in the Dark Deleuze
BY ANDREW CULP Visiting assistant professor of emerging media and communication at the University of Texas at Dallas French philosopher Gilles Deleu ... 08/19/2016 Blog Post
ExternalPageBrain Matthew Biro on The Dada Cyborg
For today's feature we've interviewed Matthew Biro, a professor of modern and contemporary art at the University of Michigan. Biro is the author of ... 01/27/2010 Blog Post
ExternalPageBrain New Orleans's "Uncle Lionel" Batiste: Feted in death, evicted after Katrina.
BY JOHN (JAY) ARENA Assistant professor of sociology at the City University of New York's College of Staten Island Uncle Lionel … (more) 08/23/2012 Blog Post
Variations on Media Thinking
A diverse, enriching volume of media analysis from a pioneering thinker in the field Siegfried Zielinski 2019 Book
Biology in the Grid
Graphic Design and the Envisioning of Life How grids paved the way for our biological understanding of organisms Phillip Thurtle 2018 Book