Colonial Harem

Series: Theory and History of Literature

Malek Alloula

ISBN: 9780816613847

Publication date: June 30th, 1986

160 Pages

10 x 9

A collection of picture postcards of Algerian women exploited by the French, this “album” illustrates a powerful analysis of the distorting, denigrating effects of their presence on Algerian Society.

Malek Alloula, an Algerian writer now living in France, has published several volumes of poetry in French. Le harem colonial was first published in France in 1981.

Myrna Godzich is translator of two books forthcoming from Minnesota: Alan Touraine’s Return of the Actor and Predrag Matvejevitch’s The Poetics of the Event.

Wlad Godzich teaches comparative literature at the Universite de Montreal and at the University of Minnesota, where he is director of the Center for Humanistic Studies, and is co-editor, with Jochen Schulte-Sasse, of the series Theory and History of Literature.