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TORN IN TWO: Galley giveaway drawing

Torn in Two (Michael Schumacher)The University of Minnesota Press is giving away advance copies of Torn in Two: The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell and One Man's Survival on the Open Sea.

Michael Schumacher recreates the circumstances surrounding the terrible storm of November 1966, that broke the mighty freighter in half, sending twenty-five of the Morrell’s crew to their deaths and consigning the surviving four to the freezing raft where all but one would perish. Schumacher’s vivid narrative captures every harrowing detail of the Morrell’s demise, finally doing justice to this epic shipwreck.

"Michael Schumacher's latest book is tragic, gripping, and hard to put down. He captures the fury of the Great Lakes as a winter storm rips a steel hull in two and tosses the crew into the lake’s cold, dark maw. What happens next is a true survival tale."
—Cary Griffith, author of Savage Minnesota and Lost in the Wild

This giveaway expires June 30, 2016.

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