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Book reviews collection for homepage

Murray Talks Music excerpt in Full Stop
Art is About Elegant Form: An Interview with Albert Murray by Wynton Marsalis.
Pioneer Press: New picture books teach kids to love Earth and animals
Includes ONE NORTH STAR by Phyllis Root, with illustrations by Betsy Bowen and Beckie Prange.
Julia Lee on Fox 11
The author discusses OUR GANG with Tony Valdez on Midday Sunday.
Star Tribune: U expert tells how 'design thinking' can solve society's big problems
While he's long been interested in the tangible, physical world around us, Tom Fisher has a new book of essays about "the design of what we cannot see."
Star Tribune: The "Fighting Frenchman" took on boxing's big stars — and bums.
Reivew of Paul Levy's book.
Beyond Chron: Lessons from Barbara Brenner
The entries are short – but each packs a powerful punch.
"Woke Up This Morning, Had Them Statesboro Blues": Jas Obrecht's Early Blues
Review in No Depression.
Leonardo Reviews: The Challenge of Surrealism
"(Theodor) Adorno found himself in the situation of someone who has shown the way but, to the students' disappointment, isn't marching in the direction he points toward."
Ending the World as We Know It: An Interview with Andrew Culp
Interview with the author of DARK DELEUZE.
Access Minnesota: Every angler has a fish story.
Interview with Eric Dregni, author of Let's Go Fishing!
Poets find honey in the subject of bees, also worry about losing them
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reviews IF BEES ARE FEW.
Public Seminar: Make Kith Not Kin!
Review of Donna Haraway's Manifestly Haraway.
Roy Christopher: Summer Reading List
Authors Rita Raley and Andre Carrington weigh in on their summer 2016 picks. Early Blues
The early blues guitar legends Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Blake, Papa Charlie Jackson, Tampa Red, Sylvester Weaver, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Willie McTell, Lonnie Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson are the subject of this excellently researched book that will delight blues fans.
A picture perfect book for vacation reading
Review of Mary Casanova's Wake Up, Island: "A picture book worth the investment."
Highlights blog: Finding Treasure at a Workshop
Guest post by Ann Treacy.
Tiny Spark: What's in the Dumpster? Exploring Food Waste and Hunger in America
Podcast interview with FREEGANS author Alex V. Barnard.
Let's Go Fishing!: It's a keeper
WTIP interviews author Eric Dregni.
MinnPost | Anthology of bee poems, from Sappho to Dickinson to Bly: Proceeds to benefit U's Bee Lab
Review of IF BEES ARE FEW, edited by James Lenfestey
Governing: A Mayor's Real Job
Running a city is mostly about building community -- and that's never easy. Review of R.T. Rybak's POTHOLE CONFIDENTIAL.