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Book reviews collection for homepage

Kara Walker's Blood Sugar: A Subtlety or the Marvelous Sugar Baby
Valerie Loichot's post-script to THE TROPICS BITE BACK.
Glasgow Review of Books: Hyperobjects and Prismatic Ecology
"In an academic context, green cultural studies has developed over the last three decades from a small sub-genre of literary criticism largely focused on nature writing to a keyword of the order of gender, sexuality, and ethnicity."
Critical Inquiry: Life, War, Earth
Eugene Holland reviews John Protevi's book.
Critical Inquiry: Hyperobjects
Ursula K. Heise reviews Timothy Morton's book.
Author feature: William Durbin
Interview in the Hibbing Daily Tribune.
Roy Christopher's 2014 Summer Reading List
Includes Prismatic Ecology (Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, editor) and Comparative Textual Media (N. Katherine Hayles and Jessica Pressman).
What It Means to Be Human: A Philosopher’s Argument Against Solitary Confinement
Solitary Watch reviews Lisa Guenther's SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.
"For Better or for Worse": A caregiver's unvarnished chronicle
Review of Susan Allen Toth's NO SAINTS AROUND HERE.
MPR: Mary Relindes Ellis on Bohemian Flats history
Tom Weber talks with author Mary Relindes Ellis (THE BOHEMIAN FLATS) on The Daily Circuit.
Bitch magazine: Dykes, direct action, and eating fire
Review of Kelly Cogswell's EATING FIRE
Verso Five Book Plan: Neoliberal Fantasy
Includes BRAND AID by Lisa Ann Richey and Stefano Ponte.
Rock Hudson: TCM's June Star of the Month
Feature on Robert Hofler's book THE MAN WHO INVENTED ROCK HUDSON.
The TransPacific Struggle over Citizenship: Seeking Welfare Rights in Kawasaki City, Japan and Los Angeles, California,1962-1982
Passage about Kazuyo Tsuchiya's REINVENTING CITIZENSHIP.
BET: C. Riley Snorton is 1 of 10 Transgender People You Should Know
Snorton is author of NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW.
Lori Emerson on New Books in Technology
The author of READING WRITING INTERFACES talks about how technology affects the ways in which we read, write, and think.
Tablet Magazine: Ellen Willis’ Radical Jewish Sex-Positive Rock ’n’ Roll Politics of the Future
"Quite appropriately, it’s a wild ride."
"This darling book ... belongs on the shelf of anyone who is attuned to nature."
Review of PLANT A POCKET OF PRAIRIE in The Examiner.
"In the very grain of ordinary life, knotted multiplicity."
In the Middle reviews BECOMING HUMAN by J. Allan Mitchell.
Off the shelf: The Bohemian Flats
Minnesota Magazine (the University of Minnesota alumni magazine) reviews Mary Relindes Ellis's new book.
A Daily Dose of Architecture: Two books exploring the environment
Co-review of David Gissen's MANHATTAN ATMOSPHERES.