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Book reviews collection for homepage

Folklore of the Freeway is a summer reading selection
Posted in L.A. Letters on
The Feminist Spectator reviews Eating Fire: "Fascinating, insightful, and moving."
"We need to hear more stories like Cogswell’s, to remind contemporary feminist queer, trans*, and LGBTQI people that political strategies have a genealogy, a history of successes and failures worth learning from and recalling as we retool our tactics for the future."
Wild Science
"The genius of the book is that it shows us how to make a difference."
Star Tribune blogger review of PLANT A POCKET OF PRAIRIE.
Ellen Willis: Is There Still a Jewish Question? Why I’m an Anti-Anti-Zionist
Essay excerpt from THE ESSENTIAL ELLEN WILLIS in Tablet Magazine.
Gravitas: Autumn in Hell
Review of Stig Dagerman's GERMAN AUTUMN.
Mary Relindes Ellis on WTIP
The author of THE BOHEMIAN FLATS visits The Roadhouse.
The 10 Best Haruki Murakami Books
By Matthew Strecher, author of THE FORBIDDEN WORLDS OF HARUKI MURAKAMI, for Publishers Weekly.
The Literary Platform: From the Digital to the Bookbound
Water for Sale.
Review of Karen Piper's THE PRICE OF THIRST.
The Mainlander: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition
Review of Glen Sean Coulthard's RED SKIN, WHITE MASKS.
Working paper: Reading Hyperobjects
New Savannah blogger compiles thoughts of Timothy Morton's HYPEROBJECTS into a working paper.
Star Tribune: Identify the frogs, snakes, turtles and lizards that live in our midst.
Amphibians and reptiles aren’t the state’s most visible critters, but they make a great introduction to wildlife. Review of AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES IN MINNESOTA by John Moriarty and Carol Hall.
Sing Me a Song of Hyperobjects: Starting over with Humans and Other Creatures in the 21st Century CE
3 Quarks Daily reviews Timothy Morton's HYPEROBJECTS.
Northwest Passage: A vision of the world in the grain of Duluth
Review of Michael Fedo's ZENITH CITY.
Radical Inquiry: NYT on 'The Essential Ellen Willis'
Featured in New York Times Book Review.
Against the Frictionless Interface! An Interview with Lori Emerson
Furtherfield interviews the author of READING WRITING INTERFACES.
Beatrice | Life Stories #76: Kelly Cogswell
Interview with the author of EATING FIRE
Seattle Public Radio: The Racial Undertones Of 'The Mikado'
Interview with Josephine Lee, author of THE JAPAN OF PURE INVENTION.
A Nonfiction Tour of America: 50 Books for 50 States
Minnesota's is THE MUSIC OF FAILURE by Bill Holm.