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Book reviews collection for homepage

The Idea of Haiti on Against the Grain
Interview with Millery Polyne (editor) and Nick Nesbitt (contributor).
New Mexico Review of Books: The Land of Dreams
Review of Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota mystery.
Three Percent: A Burnt Child by Stig Dagerman
"An excellent portrayal of the clash between a young man’s reason and his heart."
MN Reads: Lise Lunge-Larsen
KUMD interviews the author of The Troll With No Heart in His Body and Other Tales of Trolls.
Let’s Talk About the Weather
Chicago Book Review on NOVEMBER'S FURY.
8 reasons to read Ready for Air
A NICU nurse strongly recommends Kate Hopper's memoir.
Books & Culture: The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald
A portrait of the artist as teenager.
Star Tribune: The Inconvenient Indian
Writer and educator Thomas King provides history and context to modern-day relations between whites and Indians.
Kare 11: Cooking up favorite holiday appetizers
With Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY.
MPR's Appetites: Cranberries, chestnuts for your holiday table
Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY, offers holiday recipes with a twist.
Society and Space: Angela Last interviews Monique Allewaert
Allewaert is author of ARIEL'S ECOLOGY: "The media Ariel evokes are coeval with and not submissive to human agents, which means that neither is fully determining of the other."
Disney's BabyZone: 5 Pieces of Advice from the Mother of a Preemie
With Kate Hopper, author of READY FOR AIR.
Against the Grain: The "New Negro" vis-à-vis Africa
Davarian Baldwin, editor of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, joins the program.
WTIP: November's Fury
Recounting the deadliest storm in Great Lakes history.
Kenosha News: ‘November’s Fury’ tells story of 1913 freshwater hurricane
Interview with author Michael Schumacher.
Holiday books: 10 that reflect Minnesota and the region
Star Tribune's holiday picks.
Heroes and victims of the powerful storm of 1913
The Buffalo News on Michael Schumacher's NOVEMBER'S FURY
MPR: Minn. songwriter Paul Metsa dusts off 'Jack Ruby' for JFK anniversary
The author of Blue Guitar Highway releases a new video for his song 'Jack Ruby.'
MN Reads: Beth Dooley
KUMD interviews the author of Minnesota's Bounty.
"A must for aviation buffs everywhere."
The Chicago Tribune on NON-STOP.