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Book reviews collection for homepage

National Post: From recovery to relapse, how divine intervention failed the troubled genius of John Berryman
"As Saul Bellow writes in the foreword, 'The cycle of resolution, reform and relapse had become a bad joke which could not continue.' "
Largehearted Boy: Rene Magritte playlist
Inside Higher Ed: The Uberfication of the University
Author discusses new book on the relationship between the "sharing economy" and the erosion of faculty rights.
American Journal of Public Health: The Longue Durée of Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter was first articulated just a few years ago, but it has been the leitmotif of antiracist struggles for generations. The 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party is an occasion to recall that its work confronted the callous neglect and the corporeal surveillance and abuse of poor Black communities.
Great Lakes writer tackles tale of survival 50 years after Lake Huron shipwreck
Failure Magazine: The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell
Michael Schumacher, author of “Torn in Two,” on the 1966 sinking of the six-hundred-foot Morrell, which broke in half during a storm on Lake Huron.
Critical Theory: Foucault in Iran
Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi's book among the recommended.
Mpls.St.Paul Magazine: One North Star
"A beautiful addition to the library of any child from the North."
NPR: Minnesota Bookseller Recommends 3 Summer Porch Reads
WAKE UP, ISLAND among them.
Shepherd Express: Listen to the Music
Review of Albert Murray's MURRAY TALKS MUSIC.
Mondoweiss: White Jews and uppity blacks
Review of A SHADOW OVER PALESTINE by Keith P. Feldman.
KFAI's MinneCulture: Never a Champ, But a Beloved Boxer
PopMatters: What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions?
Vinciane Despret blends science with story to give readers new ways to think about animals and our relationships with them.
Star Tribune: Ice-Out
Readers will be rooting for Owen to find a path forward at a time when the police were sometimes as dangerous as the criminals they chased down.
The Spectator: The internal dreamworld of René Magritte
The great surrealist painter was also a prolific writer — whose detective stories and prose-poems (now available in English for the first time) were often as mysterious as his canvases
Religious Theory: A Darker, Grittier Deleuze
Review of Andrew Culp's DARK DELEUZE
Leonardo Reviews: Barnstorming the Prairies
Not only a major contribution to our knowledge of Midwestern culture but also a superb example of the broad and interdisciplinary examination of what seems to be at first sight a technical gadget: aerial photography.
Society & Space: Building Dignified Worlds
Building Dignified Worlds is the first in a series of works examining “Diverse Economies and Liveable Worlds” under the editorship of J.K. Gibson-Graham (among others). Tracing the making of such “worlds” by diverse forms of collective action, the book is interested not so much in documenting those forms according to a pre-set analytical template as eliciting the associations through which collective action enacts change.
Fuse Book Review: John Vassos
John Vassos: Industrial Design for Modern Life is not only an essential book for designers, but for those who love the history of design.
PopMatters: 'The Age of Lovecraft' Wonderfully Elucidates the Central Dilemma Posed by Lovecraft