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Book reviews collection for homepage

Book Cover Smackdown: The Lovecraft Edition!
SF Signal looks at four forthcoming H.P. Lovecraft-themed books.
Southwest Journal: A pioneering couple
“Everybody else was trying to figure out how not to be arrested, how not to be fired, how not to be exposed, how not to be threatened or killed, all of those things, and somehow Jack and Michael said, you know, no, we don’t want a bite out of the sandwich, we want the whole loaf of bread.”
Boston Globe: Smart, engaging videogame commentary
The conversation about video games is blossoming right now. It’s a million conversations, really, touching upon everything from arcane design philosophies to games’ political messages to the never-ending debates about free speech. Review of Ian Bogost's How to Talk about Videogames.
Philadelphia Inquirer: Ex-gay movement the subject of Temple sociologist's book
In its twilight, the ex-gay movement is now the subject of a new history, by Temple University sociologist Tom Waidzunas: The Straight Line.
New Books in Political Science: Bargaining for Women's Rights
Alice J. Kang's book focuses on the politics of women's rights in Niger.
New Republic: The Intimate Story of a Gay-Marriage Pioneer
Michael McConnell and Jack Baker applied for their first marriage license 40 years ago, beginning a lifelong battle.
Vivascene: Early Blues
A fascinating study and a compelling read for guitarists, music lovers and social historians alike.
'Everybody's Heard about the Bird' on KAXE
Rick Shefchik talks The Trashmen, The Underbeats, DJ Bill Diehl, Soma Records, the emergence of rock and roll and more.
PopMatters: How Did Four Young Black Boys Become Hollywood Stars During the Height of Jim Crow?
Review of Julia Lee's OUR GANG.
Q&A: A Public Radio Journalist on Writing a Book with a Dying Man
This interview with Cathy Wurzer is a follow-up to the National Book Review's review of 'We Know How This Ends.'
'Portage' transports even a time-hardened paddler
Rochester Post-Bulletin: Sue Leaf has a way of getting down to the nub of why we canoe and the wisdom to be learned from the heat, cold, swamping, easy paddles and fast rapids, both in a canoe and in life.
Library Journal: The Wedding Heard 'Round the World
"(Michael McConnell and Jack Baker's) appeal is how ordinary people can do extraordinary things."
The Family That Canoes Together, Time Travels Together
Review of the new memoir by Sue Leaf, 'Portage: A Family, a Canoe, and the Search for the Good Life'
The Role of Plants in the Order of Life
UTNE exerpt: The story of “The Year the Roses Died” embodies the teaching of the place of plants in our world.
Curbed: Stunning Midcentury Architecture In Minnesota You Haven't Seen Before
On Larry Millett's MINNESOTA MODERN.
Minnesota Women's Press: On Sarah Deer, Changemaker
One in three Native women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime, compared to one woman in five in the general population.
Flavorwire's 16 Must-Have Gifts for the Movie Geek In Your Life
Includes Awakening the Eye by George Kouvaros.
PopMatters: Do We Need a Book That Talks About Videogames in Relation to Kant's Thoughts on the Sublime?
Whether you played Pac-Man as a kid, are a videogame fanatic, or simply enjoy 'Words with Friends,' HOW TO TALK ABOUT VIDEOGAMES has much to offer.
Blogging death, and searching for meaning in a painful decline
The National Book Review on We Know How This Ends (Bruce Kramer and Cathy Wurzer).
Fox 9: A book that rocks and rolls
M. A. Rosko talks with Rick Shefchik.