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Book reviews collection for homepage

An Ocula conversation with Joan Kee
“Ironically, the biggest obstacle in the promotion of Korean art is the endless insistence on putting the 'Korean' before the art ”
George Cukor: Essential reading on queer cinema and Hollywood history
PopMatters reviews the book by Patrick McGilligan.
Society and Space: Ariel's Ecology
Angela Last reviews Monique Allewaert's book.
Cathy Wurzer talks 'Non-Stop' with Jack El-Hai
Jack El-Hai is author of the book about the turbulent history of Northwest Airlines.
Cuban Art News: Rachel Weiss on Curadores, Come Home! at Espacio Aglutinador
Interview with the author of TO AND FROM UTOPIA IN THE NEW CUBAN ART.
Marx & Philosophy: Trilogy of Resistance
Review of Antonio Negri's book.
Chicago Book Review: Clues to the Uncapturable
Review of Béla Tarr, The Time After, by Jacques Rancière.
Star Tribune: The airline that Minnesotans learned to love and hate
In NON-STOP, Jack El-Hai illuminates the characters who transformed Northwest into the huge airline that Minnesotans learned to love and hate.
Charles Bukowski. Ace of Cakes. Cyborg homes. The Wire.
NBn interviews Ian Bogost on his book Alien Phenomenology, or What It's Like to Be a Thing.
Truthout: On Body and Soul and the Black Panthers' Fight For Free Health Care
Review of Alondra Nelson's now-in-paperback book.
MinnPost: Kate Hopper's rough start on motherhood is redeemed by writing
Failure magazine: Great Lakes Storm of 1913
Review of Michael Schumacher's new book NOVEMBER'S FURY.
Conversation: Gay couples, choosing to say 'I don't'
The New York Times article includes input from author Mary Bernstein (The Marrying Kind?)
"Could there be a more challenging subject to pen a bio about than Fritz Lang?"
Pretty Clever Films reviews FRITZ LANG: The Nature of the Beast, by Patrick McGilligan.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviews The Land of Dreams
Vidar Sundstol "is especially good with the detail."
Conversation: 'So, when are you going to get married?'
Article on New Jersey couples features author Mary Bernstein (The Marrying Kind?)
Washington Post on The Land of Dreams
Vidar Sundstøl's book is "the start of an eerie Minnesota thriller trilogy."
WTIP interviews Vidar Sundstøl
North Shore Community Radio segment on THE LAND OF DREAMS.
Mom Enough interviews Kate Hopper
A mother reflects on life with a 'preemie.'
Middle East Media and Book Reviews: Black Star, Crescent Moon
Sohail Daulatzai's book "clearly demonstrate[s] that the Muslim International is an intellectual tradition and cultural space, if not network, within which American Black Muslim intellectuals, activists, writers, and artists have located themselves politically since World War Two."