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Book reviews collection for homepage

Lorna Landvik on WTIP Radio
An interview with Lorna on the occasion of her new book, BEST TO LAUGH.
"Tack-sharp reportage": Kirkus Reviews on THE PRICE OF THIRST
A review of Karen Piper's new book.
Library Journal: Thrilling fiction from Sundstol and more
Review of Vidar Sundstol's ONLY THE DEAD.
Pioneer Press: Landvik's latest set at Hollywood's Peyton Hall
Interview with Lorna Landvik on her new book BEST TO LAUGH.
Environment and Planning D: Society and Space on Hyperobjects and "Morton's Wager"
Review of Timothy Morton's HYPEROBJECTS.
The cold, hard truth of being a caregiver
Review of Susan Allen Toth's book NO SAINTS AROUND HERE.
Great review of the "truly interdisciplinary" Reading Writing Interfaces in Image & Narrative
Review of Lori Emerson's book.
Mpls.St.Paul Magazine: Real Scandals of Lake Minnetonka
A look at Eric Dregni's new book, BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA.
The Atlantic: How Racism Creeps into Medicine
Interview with Lundy Braun, author of BREATHING RACE INTO THE MACHINE.
Linda LeGarde Grover, a writer of "quiet confidence and unshowy grace."
Review of THE ROAD BACK TO SWEETGRASS in Star Tribune.
Best to Laugh: "Poignant and laugh-out-loud funny"
Review in Star Tribune.
"The rule of silence, once broken, lets all kinds of weird things bubble up."
Barbara Fister for Scandinavian Crime Fiction reviews Vidar Sundstol's ONLY THE DEAD.
Gilda Ochoa on California Edition
A Daily Dose of Architecture: Book Briefs
6 books reviewed, including ARCHITECTURE SINCE 1400 and THE FOLKLORE OF THE FREEWAY.
On teaching Plant a Pocket of Prairie
Review of the Phyllis Root/Betsy Bowen book in NC Teacher Stuff.
Life, War, Earth: "A wonderfully stimulating conceptual toolbox."
Interview with John Protevi's at NBn/New Books in Science, Technology, and Society.
Huffington Post on Reading Writing Interfaces
Lori Emerson asks us to reconsider the inevitability and desirability of the "invisible" computer interface.
New food books celebrate the fish, fowl, and flavors of the Upper Midwest
Features LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS by James Norton and Becca Dilley.
'No Saints around Here' will give comfort to new caregivers
Review of Susan Toth's book in The Clermont Sun.
Exploring place, politics, and personhood with Mark Rifkin
The author of Settler Common Sense interviews with NBn/New Books in Native American Studies.