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Book reviews collection for homepage

A feast of words on the cannibal and the edible
Q&A with Valerie Loichot, author of The Tropics Bite Back.
Esteem Journal: Interview with Gilda L. Ochoa
Ochoa is the author of Academic Profiling.
Society and Space: Interview with Shiloh Krupar
Stuart Elden interviews Shiloh Krupar, author of Hot Spotter's Report.
Euro Crime: The Land of Dreams
"A distinctive book, showing us small-town American community life with a Scandinavian twist."
Primed, by Kate Hopper
Hopper adapts a passage from Ready for Air for mamalode's October theme: Vent.
Better Dead Than Alive? 'The Inconvenient Indian' Takes a Seriously Funny Look at Native History
Indian Country Today Media Network reviews Thomas King's latest book.
Star Tribune: Memoirists write from the heart
Article featuring Kate Hopper (Ready for Air) and Kevin Fenton (Leaving Rollingstone).
How motherhood changes the texture of our lives
Review of Kate Hopper's Ready for Air in Special Needs Mom blog.
Latin America’s Left: Between Demos and Kratos
Public Books reviews Antonio Negri's Insurgencies.
Alone and apart
Lisa Guenther, author of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, discusses the topic on ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Star Tribune: Penumbra by the book
A Minnesota native, theater historian Macelle Mahala, has written the first history of Penumbra Theatre.
Newbie Writers: Kate Hopper
The author of Ready for Air interviews with the Australian-based group in this fun podcast.
MPR: New book details Penumbra Theatre’s legacy
“There are plenty of books out there about black theater in general, or about particular artists, but not about black theaters. And there are so many wonderful black theater companies out there.”
New York Times Travel: Kerouac's Mexico
“Kerouac never took Mexico very seriously,” said Jorge García-Robles (THE STRAY BULLET).
“I Did it for Me”: Breaking Bad and the Politics of Entrepreneurial Life
Matthew Huber, author of LIFEBLOOD, notes a connection between Breaking Bad and oil. (Note: If you have not watched the end of Breaking Bad's final season—there are spoilers.)
The Minnesota Daily Book Club: Penumbra
Penumbra “provided a much-needed cultural alternative to the kinds of plays … offered by the predominantly white theater institutions of the Twin Cities,” writes author Macelle Mahala.
Graham's Foundation interview: Kate Hopper
"As many parents of preemies know, writing can lead to healing."
MPR's Appetites: Heirloom squash bring color to the fall table
Beth Dooley (MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY) on what's in season now.
Flavorwire Exclusive: Read Excerpts From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Teenage Diary
The Great Railroad War – Buffett’s Take on the Battle and Its Implications for Investing
Feature on Larry Haeg's HARRIMAN VS. HILL in GuruFocus.