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Book reviews collection for homepage

io9: Dorion Sagan Demands That We Make Science an Adventure Again
MPR News Appetites: Twin Cities home to numerous vibrant farmers markets
MPR talks farmers markets with Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY.
Kevin Barrett on Cosmic Apprentice
Review of Dorion Sagan's book plus a link to his radio spot on American Freedom Radio.
Antennae on Tom Tyler's Ciferae
"An important addition to the literature on human knowledge and epistemology."
Brain Pickings: Why Science and Philosophy Need Each Other
Extended, illustrated excerpt of COSMIC APPRENTICE by Dorion Sagan, by Maria Popova.
Access Minnesota: Memoir of a gravedigger's daughter
Issues: What it’s like to grow up around cemeteries; Dealing with the death of a loved one; Is death more difficult to accept in modern culture?
The Chronicle-Journal: Finding a home in Vacationland
Local love for Sarah Stonich's novel.
NYT Magazine: Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer
New York Times Magazine article includes input from Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons, Inc.
Sarah Stonich on KAXE
The author of Vacationland chats with Heidi Holtan of "RealGoodWords" on KAXE.
Books for birdwatchers
Devoted to birds: Minnesota’s importance to birds and birders cannot be overstated.
The Space Review: Picturing the Cosmos
A review of Elizabeth Kessler's book on the 23rd anniversary of the launch of the Hubble.
Minnesota Business: Q+A with Author John Diers on passenger rail and the Saint Paul Union Depot
After a career of working in public transportation, Diers is revisiting his love of the rails with his book St. Paul Union Depot.
EDGE on the Net: George Cukor
A review of Patrick McGilligan's now back-in-print book.
The Nation: Let's not normalize this thing called 'terrorism'
The Nation interviews Sohail Daulatzai, author of Black Star, Crescent Moon.
Journal of Design History: The Interface
Review of John Harwood's book on the surprising "inverse effect" computers and corporations, including IBM, had on the theory and practice of design.
Sarah Stonich looks below the surface of Minnesota’s 'Vacationland'
Review on MinnPost Books.
Against the Grain: Global to Local
Interview with the authors of STRATEGIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE.
Litquake's Lit Cast Episode 19 - Eric Ames on Werner Herzog
Interview with the author of Ferocious Reality.
"It’s probably one of the best unproduced screenplays ever written."
Vivoscene on LOVE IN VAIN by Alan Greenberg.
Pocket Review: Artist Animal by Steve Baker
"Baker steers away from any overt ethical screeds, in the same way that he avoids Monsanto politics in the discussion of Kac’s altered rabbit, or environmental issues when talking about the works of Olly and Suzi or Sanna Kannisto, whose art is dependent on being set or performed in the animals’ natural habitats."