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Book reviews collection for homepage

Pioneer Press: Larry Millett's new mystery shifts style
Review of STRONGWOOD, the latest in Millett's Minnestoa mystery series.
Truthout: Academia Under the Influence
While we may tend to romanticize universities as bastions of free thought and intellectual rigor, Piya Chatterjee and Sunaina Maira's new book, The Imperial University: Academic Repression and Scholarly Dissent, demonstrates their subjection to the same ideological underpinnings as the general body politic.
Star Tribune: She's tough, that Addie Strongwood
FICTION: In Larry Millett’s seventh Sherlock Holmes mystery, a working girl goes on trial in the murder of her wealthy lover.
The Daily Beast | Tick-Tock: The Explosive Power of the Lesbian Avengers
In the early 1990s, the Lesbian Avengers took gay politics into the sound and fury of street activism. In a new book, former member Kelly Cogswell remembers the good times and bad.
KSTP TV: Northwest Airlines Plane Still Missing 64 Years After Lake Michigan Crash
Interview with Jack El-Hai, author of NON-STOP.
ARLIS/NA reviews New Architecture on Indigenous Lands
"Libraries that support architecture programs will find this book to be an excellent addition."
"I was hooked by what is universal about the prematurity experience."
Review of Kate Hopper's READY FOR AIR by PreemieBabies101.
LA Times: Spring Arts Preview 2014
Features two events and five new books, including THE ESSENTIAL ELLEN WILLIS.
New Books in Science, Technology, and Society: Native American DNA
Interview with Kim TallBear on her book about tribal belonging and the false promise of genetic science.
"What makes a memoir like Hopper’s so successful are the moments of reflection, moments of humanity that pierce the panic."
Military Spouse Book Review on Kate Hopper's READY FOR AIR.
"The place is Minneapolis, the year is 1903 . . . "
Exclusive excerpt on Criminal Element of Strongwood: A Crime Dossier by Larry Millett.
New Books in History: David Smiley on shopping malls
The author of PEDESTRIAN MODERN discusses the disappearance--and recent resurgence--of the open shopping mall.
How the Renowned Liar Fritz Lang Became One of the Most Truthful Filmmakers
Popmatters reviews Patrick McGilligan's book "Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast."
Tiina Nunnally on translating Sigrid Undset's debut novel
Interview in Beatrice.
The Fire that Forged Bravery
Gay City News reviews Kelly Cogswell's memoir EATING FIRE.
Lambda Literary: "Inspiring and absolutely heroic. This story belongs to us all."
Review of Kelly Cogswell's EATING FIRE.
NPR: Corruption Blurs The Lines Of China's Mistress Culture
Tiantian Zheng (RED LIGHTS) featured in this segment.
NBn interviews Timothy Morton
New Books in Science, Technology, and Society interviews with the HYPEROBJECTS author.
Iconoclastic Musician Takes Measure Of His Life: 'I Became A Fighter'
NPR features Fred Ho.
Thomas King wins $40,000 non-fiction prize for The Inconvenient Indian
The author is awarded British Columbia’s National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction.