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Book reviews collection for homepage

Kirkus Reviews: Plant a Pocket of Prairie
"Could well inspire a new generation of conservationists."
The Chicagoan: Bird Lives!
An excerpt from Gary Giddins' CELEBRATING BIRD: The Triumph of Charlie Parker.
Famous First Words: "I Have Been Unfaithful to My Husband"
Review of Sigrid Undset's book in SpeakOut.
PW on Eating Fire
"This memoir shines as surely as its history needs telling."
Maternally Yours with Kate Hopper
Podcast interview with the author of Ready for Air.
Pete Seeger's populist refrain: 'Let them sing something'
Excerpt from Paul Metsa's BLUE GUITAR HIGHWAY in MinnPost.
Leonardo: Virtual Modernism
"A landmark study that gives an inspirational twist to modernism studies."
The New York Review of Books: Stig Dagerman
Excerpt of To Kill a Child, with commentary about Dagerman's previous works.
Phyllis Root on writing
Interview with Little Book Worms upon the publication of Plant a Pocket of Prairie.
The Globe and Mail: Six new crime novels you should really investigate further
Among them: THE LAND OF DREAMS by Vidar Sundstøl
No Saints around Here: "An ‘outstanding’ read."
Susan Allen Toth's book reviewed in Le Padre ver livre.
KPCC interview with Wendy Cheng: What's the link between identity and place?
Video of the Family Forum event in January 2013.
The Inconvenient Indian: An insightful account into Indian policy
Cherokee One Feather reviews Thomas King's book.
Rain Taxi review: Just what is the nature of memory?
A look at Mutsuo Takahashi's Twelve Views from the Distance,
Kanabec County Times: The Opposite of Cold
Review of Michael Nordskog and Aaron Hautala's book on Finnish sauna.
Oyster Boy Review: The Influence of Robert Bly
Review of "Robert Bly in This World."
Santa Fe New Mexican reviews The Inconvenient Indian
"[Thomas] King’s historical asides are as fascinating as his main points."
Uprising Radio: Community Relations in Southern California
Wendy Cheng (The Changs Next Door to the Díazes) and Gilda Ochoa (Academic Profiling) discuss.
The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald: A lesson on self-awareness without self-consciousness.
Maria Popova of Brain Pickings reviews.
Bookkaholic: No Saints around Here
Review of Susan Allen Toth's book.