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Book reviews collection for homepage

Barbara Fister's September Pick: The Land of Dreams
"After reading the first, I’m impatient to read the rest." (Review cross-posted on Scandinavian Crime Fiction.)
A "charming" diary of 14-year-old F. Scott Fitzgerald
Star Tribune reviews THE THOUGHTBOOK.
Fighting Breast Cancer: To Pink Or Not To Pink?
Samantha King, author of PINK RIBBONS, INC., interviewed on KUOW radio.
"The most significant person to Burroughs’s Mexican experience was undoubtedly his troubled wife."
The Arts Fuse reviews Jorge Garcia-Robles' THE STRAY BULLET.
James J. Hill and the day the railroads roiled Wall Street
MinnPost interviews Larry Haeg, author of HARRIMAN VS. HILL.
MN Reads: Stewart Van Cleve
KUMD interviews the author of Land of 10,000 Loves.
EverydayFamily on Ready for Air
I know Kate. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in person, hearing her read her words. She’s lovely. But I didn’t know this part of her story, and I’m devouring it.
Leonardo: Picturing the Cosmos
With their saturated colors and hyper-realistic detail, along with their promise of revealing the unseen universe, the images from the Hubble Space Telescope, launched in 1990, have a unique place in our visual culture.
Leonardo: The Heretical Archive
The starting point of this study is a reflection on the archive, more precisely on the seminal rethinking of the archive as an intersection of "law" and "place" as put forward by Jacques Derrida in Archive Fever.
Marx & Philosophy: Value in Marx
A review of George Henderson's book.
"A full-color, all-senses-engaged trip into Burroughs’ beautiful, tragic Mexican world."
Review of THE STRAY BULLET in Empty Mirror.
"An all-senses-engaged trip into Burroughs’ beautiful, tragic Mexican world."
Empty Mirror on THE STRAY BULLET.
"Very few are aware of the deadliest storm to ever pound the Great Lakes."
Review of Michael Schumacher's NOVEMBER'S FURY in Metro Times (Detroit).
UMN English department: Q&A with Kate Hopper
In this pioneering memoir of birthing and caring for a premature baby, a mother is only human
Gayla Marty in Minnesota Women's Press
"Think about our impact on forests and take time to get to know the trees, even if it's just one tree in your yard."
Los Angeles Review of Books: The curious history of The Inconvenient Indian
Some background on the book by Thomas King.
Artists Unscripted in Minnesota Monthly
Interview with Kate Hopper (Ready for Air) and Kevin Kling.
Library Journal: Ready for Air
Review of Kate Hopper's memoir.
1913 hurricane laid a trail of destruction across the Great Lakes
Michael Schumacher talks about the epic storm that is the subject of his book NOVEMBER'S FURY.
MinnPost: U of M reissues Sigrid Undset’s Norwegian tales
“In Norway, [Sigrid Undset is] a key part of the canon."