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Book reviews collection for homepage

Huffington Post: What's in a Sex?
Understanding the Sexual in Early Modern England | A look at SEX BEFORE SEX, edited by James Bromley and Will Stockton
Growing up in Waseca cemeteries
Rachel Hanel's book We'll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down reviewed in Waseca County News.
New Orleans Review: Speech Begins after Death
In this small, short, and entirely arresting book, the reader gets a brief yet curiously sustained peek into the daring and relentless thought processes of the philosopher Michel Foucault.
Sue Leaf on All Things Considered
Remembering ornithologist Thomas Sadler Roberts on Minnesota Sounds and Voices.
LARB on Stanislaw Lem, devourer of encyclopedias
David Auerbach on Lem's SUMMA TECHNOLOGIAE.
Stonich pens another 'north country' novel
Hibbing Daily Tribune reviews VACATIONLAND.
Excerpt of Vacationland on Women's Words on KUMD
Duluth Public Radio airs an excerpt from Sarah Stonich's latest novel.
Opinion: Are we all Muslim now? Assata Shakur and the Terrordome
Sohail Daulatzai, author of BLACK STAR, CRESCENT MOON, on Muslims and the "war on terror."
‘St. Paul Union Depot’ brings back a world of travel as relaxation
MinnPost interviews author John Diers.
Connecting to a memoir focused on death
Review of Rachael Hanel's WE'LL BE THE LAST ONES TO LET YOU DOWN.
Lambda on Jaime Harker's Middlebrow Queer
"Harker clearly shows how much more complicated it all gets—how Isherwood, on closer analysis, wanted to have his cake and eat it too."
Star Tribune review of biography of Thomas Sadler Roberts, father of Minnesota ornithology
Birds, first, last and always
Will the Real Great Gatsby Please Stand Up?
Smithsonian Magazine gets input from Scott Donaldson, author of FOOL FOR LOVE.
Alondra Nelson on NPR | FBI Most Wanted Terrorists List: Who Is Assata Shakur?
The author of BODY AND SOUL discusses the former Black Panther Party member on NPR.
"A must-have for any film buff"
Out of the Past blog on Thomas Schatz's GENIUS OF THE SYSTEM.
Boston Globe: Selling creativity to America’s kids
Why did we become obsessed with fostering childhood play? Look to the Cold War, says Amy Ogata, author of Designing the Creative Child.
Sue Leaf talks birds and her new book on Kare 11
Leaf is author of A LOVE AFFAIR WITH BIRDS.
Sarah Stonich on Vacationland, sense of place, getting book reviews, and more
How you can resist a novel with a name like Vacationland? (Says the owner of the blog Carolineleavitville...) I couldn't and I found this book irresistible.
Wired: Why we often view digital culture through insect metaphors
Review of Jussi Parikka's INSECT MEDIA.
Becoming Analogical: Simondon's Two Lessons on Animal and Man.
Review in Cultural Theory.