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Book reviews collection for homepage

Holiday books: 10 that reflect Minnesota and the region
Star Tribune's holiday picks.
Heroes and victims of the powerful storm of 1913
The Buffalo News on Michael Schumacher's NOVEMBER'S FURY
MPR: Minn. songwriter Paul Metsa dusts off 'Jack Ruby' for JFK anniversary
The author of Blue Guitar Highway releases a new video for his song 'Jack Ruby.'
MN Reads: Beth Dooley
KUMD interviews the author of Minnesota's Bounty.
"A must for aviation buffs everywhere."
The Chicago Tribune on NON-STOP.
Michael Schumacher on Wisconsin Public Radio's Larry Meiller Show
The author of NOVEMBER'S FURY talks about the storm's impact, then and now.
Star Tribune: November's Fury
On its 100th anniversary, a new book details a deadly Lake Huron storm.
Star Tribune: November's Fury
On its 100th anniversary, a new book details a deadly Lake Huron storm.
Is genetic testing a new national obsession?
Interview with Kim TallBear, author of NATIVE AMERICAN DNA.
White Hurricane and November storms recalled
Lake County News-Chronicle: By most accounts the storm dubbed the White Hurricane of 1913 was the largest and deadliest of its kind in Great Lakes’ recorded history.
The Hilarious Brilliance of 'The Inconvenient Indian'
Review of Thomas King's book in Indian Country Today.
Diet Soap Podcast #197: Hyperobjects and the New Neurotic Ecology
Podcast interview with Timothy Morton, author of HYPEROBJECTS.
Our Hen House: Trash Animals signals a shift in mainstream culture
Review of the edited collection by Kelsi Nagy and Phillip David Johnson II.
Great Lakes Echo: What does the Great Storm of 1913 mean to the identity of the Great Lakes?
Interview with Michael Schumacher, author of NOVEMBER'S FURY.
Revealing the Life of a Great German Director
Milwaukee Shepherd Express on new Fritz Lang biography.
‘Why We Left’ Explores Reasons Behind Early English Immigration
KPBS San Diego TV interview with author Joanna Brooks.
When one's trash is another's . . . house cat
Chicago Reader: The new anthology Trash Animals considers our relationships with the wild and the unwelcome of the animal kingdom.
MN Reads: The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald
KUMD interviews Dave Page, editor.
Lake Effect: Photos, interview about Great Lakes storm of 1913
Featuring author Michael Schumacher.
Jazz profiles: Celebrating Bird
Review of Gary Giddins' book on Charlie Parker.