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Book reviews collection for homepage

WCCO segment: On living with a terminal illness.
Cathy Wurzer, co-author with the late Bruce Kramer of We Know How This Ends, appears.
Beyond Science Fiction
Shepherd Express reviews Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction by Quentin Meillassoux.
Los Angeles Review of Books: Stone
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen's book shuttles back and forth between geologic epochs, genres, 14th-century travelogues and literary manuscripts, and contemporary debates in philosophy and literary theory.
NPR: Is Obama Finally Becoming The President African-Americans Wanted?
An interview with Lester Spence, author of STARE IN THE DARKNESS.
Digital Culture & Education review: Gaming at the Edge
Adrienne Shaw's book "delivers a strong argument against the view that identification is a central motivation to play a game."
Los Angeles Review of Books: On Aesthetics and Mentality in Speculative Philosophy Today
A. J. Nocek on The Universe of Things: On Speculative Realism by Steven Shaviro.
Star Tribune: 43 years later, Minneapolis couple's fight for marriage vindicated
Feature on Michael McConnell and Jack Baker, authors of THE WEDDING HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD.
Game 81: A Tony Oliva biography
Review of Thom Henninger's book for Twinkie Town blog.
Los Angeles Review of Books | Mapping the Wander Lines: The Quiet Revelations of Fernand Deligny
Leon Hilton on The Arachnean and Other Texts.
Bea Ojakangas: Welcome to My Kitchen
Cookbook author Ojakangas gives a six-part special cooking series, complete with wonderful recipes and great kitchen tips and life lessons.
Interchange – What Makes Us Vulnerable: The Essential Ellen Willis
Interview with Nona Willis Aronowitz, daughter of Ellen Willis.
Botanical Magic: Medicine Woman’s In-Depth Study Reveals Plants' Offerings
SIN/GIN: Dialogue with Alice Kang
An interview with the author of BARGAINING FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS.
Leonardo Reviews: Digital Shift
Typography changes, but according to Jeff Scheible, it does not suffice to describe its historical changes in form and function of typographical marks and systems.
Archive Journal: The Heretical Archive
Review of Domietta Torlasco's book.
Docomomo on Saint John's Abbey Church
Review of Victoria Young's book.
Pursuing happiness: it’s mostly a matter of surviving well together
From the authors of TAKE BACK THE ECONOMY.
Star Tribune commentary: Our dangerous reluctance to talk openly about war
Op-ed by Catherine Madison, author of THE WAR CAME HOME WITH HIM.
Against the Grain: When Soviet Welfare Ended
Interview with Marianna Pavlovskaya regarding her essay in MAKING OTHER WORLDS POSSIBLE.
Interventioneers: Humanitarian, Military, and Otherwise
HUMANITARIAN VIOLENCE by Neda Atanasoski in SCTIW Review.