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Book reviews collection for homepage

A love affair with birds - and photography
Exploring Minnesota's Natural History looks at Sue Leaf's new book.
The Korea Herald: Examining Korean monochromatic painting
American art history professor Joan Kee's CONTEMPORARY KOREAN ART offers fresh insight into Korean dansaekhwa as an alternative to European/American art
Trash Animals: Excerpts on the Orion blog
On packrat philosophy and lubber grasshoppers.
Reflections on Minneapolis madams and the city's red-light districts
Review of Penny Petersen's MINNEAPOLIS MADAMS.
MPR: In Minnesota, 'the cabin' is both a place and a state of mind
Review of Sarah Stonich's VACATIONLAND on the Daily Circuit.
Hubble Space Telescope Images
Review of Elizabeth Kessler's PICTURING THE COSMOS at the Sun News Network.
City Lights event: Arthur Kroker
The author discusses his book Body Drift at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco.
Evilcyclist on November's Fury
Review of Michael Schumacher's book.
Rhubarb to the Rescue
Fresh & Local podcast interviews Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY
MPR's Appetites: Beth Dooley on stars of the spring harvest
Dooley is author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY
Brewing history in the Land of Amber Waters
Business @ the U of M interviews author Doug Hoverson
Montreal Review of Books: Criminal Neglect
Discovering the reissue of Frank Packard's THE WIRE DEVILS.
Dorion Sagan on What Now
The COSMIC APPRENTICE author discusses his new book and our global crisis
Are you sleeping too much?
Matthew Wolf-Meyer (THE SLUMBERING MASSES) appears on CBC's The Current.
Salon: Why are we here? Evolution’s dirty secrets
Excerpt from Dorion Sagan's COSMIC APPRENTICE
Beyond the Body: Arthur Kroker's Body Drift
Discussion on Roy Christopher's blog.
Scott Donaldson talks Gatsby on ABC Radio
Donaldson is author of Fool for Love: F. Scott Fitzgerald.
MinnPost: Chronicling the life of Thomas Sadler Roberts
An interview with Sue Leaf about her new book.
"The humans are dead": Dominic Pettman interview on NBn
The author of HUMAN ERROR talks with Carla Nappi on New Books in Science, Technology, and Society.
The Esoteric Harmony between Religion and Science
Review of Paul Eli Ivey's book RADIANCE FROM HALCYON