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Book reviews collection for homepage

Star Tribune commentary: The long twilight struggle of the Iron Range
If we don't want new mining, the region's economic prognosis isn't good.
KUMD: The Wedding Heard 'Round the World
Michael McConnell and his husband of 44 years, Jack Baker, were gay-married when gay-married wasn't cool - or even legal. But was it? How it's possible that gay marriage was legal all along ... and an inspiring story where love wins.
GLBT Reviews: The Wedding Heard 'Round the World
This book is recommended for all LGBT-related and general history collections.
The Temple News: Exploring science, understanding sexuality
Tom Waidzunas’ new book chronicles the history of reorientation therapy.
CBS Minnesota: Couple Considering Lawsuit Against Blue Earth County To Legalize Marriage
Jack Baker and Michael McConnell have been fighting for their marriage for 45 years. In 1972, they lost an appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court, but 43 years later in 2015, the high court cited their case in their ruling legalizing gay marriage.
KNPR: The Little Rascals Revisited
Interview with Julia Lee: It was as I got older that I would look back on the films with a great deal of nostalgia but also but also with a lot of questions since as I got older I started to see these problematic racial portrayals that many people commented on in later years.
Against the Grain: Producing Homelessness
Craig Willse reflects on whether homelessness is actively produced by neoliberal capitalism.
Knutson’s last stand: in search of an American Viking massacre
Unearthed from a Swedish American farmer’s field in 1898, the Kensington Rune Stone has long aroused the historical imagination of Minnesotans.
Detroit Lakes Newspaper / Bookworm Sez: Book chronicles love story behind first gay marriage in U.S.
There’s always been a picket fence in your future. You could just picture it: charming spouse, two-point-five kids, minivan, Cape Cod with manicured lawn, birthday parties on the patio, all surrounded by that picket fence. It was a perfect dream of a blissful life.
Critical Inquiry: A Geology of Media
In A Geology of Media, Jussi Parikka continues his innovative conflation of media production with the changed concepts of nature.
CBC Radio: The complex racial history of the Little Rascals
Interview with Julia Lee, author of Our Gang.
Lambda Literary on 'The Wedding Heard 'Round the World'
Michael McConnell’s easy, personable tone will make you feel like your uncle, father, or grandfather is telling the story of their younger years, and what queer life was like back in the day.
WTIP: Considering the future of Minnesota's Iron Range
Interview with Jeff Manuel, author of Taconite Dreams.
Book Cover Smackdown: The Lovecraft Edition!
SF Signal looks at four forthcoming H.P. Lovecraft-themed books.
Southwest Journal: A pioneering couple
“Everybody else was trying to figure out how not to be arrested, how not to be fired, how not to be exposed, how not to be threatened or killed, all of those things, and somehow Jack and Michael said, you know, no, we don’t want a bite out of the sandwich, we want the whole loaf of bread.”
Boston Globe: Smart, engaging videogame commentary
The conversation about video games is blossoming right now. It’s a million conversations, really, touching upon everything from arcane design philosophies to games’ political messages to the never-ending debates about free speech. Review of Ian Bogost's How to Talk about Videogames.
Philadelphia Inquirer: Ex-gay movement the subject of Temple sociologist's book
In its twilight, the ex-gay movement is now the subject of a new history, by Temple University sociologist Tom Waidzunas: The Straight Line.
New Books in Political Science: Bargaining for Women's Rights
Alice J. Kang's book focuses on the politics of women's rights in Niger.
New Republic: The Intimate Story of a Gay-Marriage Pioneer
Michael McConnell and Jack Baker applied for their first marriage license 40 years ago, beginning a lifelong battle.
Vivascene: Early Blues
A fascinating study and a compelling read for guitarists, music lovers and social historians alike.