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Book reviews collection for homepage

Roy Christopher: Pseudonymity, Anonymity, and Obfuscation
Review of Improper Names by Marco Deseriis.
Publishers Weekly: Our Gang
Review of Julia Lee's book on The Little Rascals.
The Atlantic: A new book offers a different perspective on The Little Rascals.
Review of Julia Lee's OUR GANG.
Interchange – Embodied By Prisons: First the Whip, Then the Chains, and Then…
Interview with Lisa Guenther, author of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.
The New Inquiry: Media Matters
Silicon Valley’s rhetoric of magical innovation relies on a hidden abode of rare earth mining and hydro-cooled server farms. A review of Jussi Parikka's A GEOLOGY OF MEDIA.
Kare 11: Birchwood Cafe recipes at home
Pear Cranberry Chutney with Tracy Singleton and Marshall Paulsen of The Birchwood Cafe.
Modern love: Book sheds light on midcentury modernism in Minnesota
Star Tribune: Architectural historian Larry Millett's latest book sheds light on midcentury modernism in Minnesota – and how it shaped the Twin Cities we know today.
Larry Millett makes the case for saving midcentury architecture
MinnPost reviews MINNESOTA MODERN.
Lavender: America’s First Gay Marriage, 44 Years Later
Interview with Michael McConnell and Jack Baker.
MinnPost: 'Everybody's Heard about the Bird' meant to be savored and saved.
From its beautiful first sentence (“In the beginning was Augie Garcia”) to the gorgeous up-from-the-archives posters and photos and meticulous reporting that fills its 350 pages, this is a book made and meant to be savored and saved.
Uprising with Sarah Deer
There is an epidemic of rape in the United States.
MPR: The story behind 'Surfin' Bird'
Pioneer Press: The heart of Minnesota's rock scene in the 1960s
Pioneer Press features Rick Shefchik's EVERYBODY'S HEARD ABOUT THE BIRD.
MPR: Confronting sexual violence against Native women
Interview with Sarah Deer, author of THE BEGINNING AND END OF RAPE.
The North Shore seen through Norwegian eyes
Review of Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy.
Why have so many fallen for the Rune Stone hoax?
Artforum: Braving the elements
Review of Jussi Parikka's A GEOLOGY OF MEDIA.
Blogger review: Myths of the Rune Stone
"A thoughtful examination of the competing claims of Nordic-Americans, Catholics, Christian fundamentalists, and Minnesotans . . . a rewarding reading experience."
Possible TV series to be set on the North Shore
Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy (The Land of Dreams; Only the Dead; The Ravens) in development as a potential TV series.
The New Yorker: The Koreans at the Top of the Art World
Includes mention of Joan Kee's CONTEMPORARY KOREAN ART.