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Book reviews collection for homepage

Afterellen interview with Kelly Cogswell
The author of EATING FIRE discusses the Lesbian Avengers and activism.
Leo Weekly interviews Kelly Cogswell
The author of EATING FIRE on activism, the Lesbian Avengers, and writing a memoir.
Heavy Table: Interview with James Norton and Becca Dilley
Heavy Table interviews the author and photographer of LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS.
Express: The man behind Rock Hudson
Review of Robert Hofler's The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson.
MinnPost: Inspired cooking on trip around Lake Superior
An interview with James Norton, author of LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS.
Flavorwire's Book of the Week: "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts"
Review of the essay collection by Mark Dery.
Newsweek: Solitude's despair
Book review and interview with Lisa Guenther, author of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.
Places: Design Observer excerpts "The Social Project"
An excerpt of the architectural history book on public housing in postwar France by Kenny Cupers.
Artforum excerpt: Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment by Henri Lefebvre
Henri Lefebvre's theories—of the everyday, of the city, of space—are integral to our understanding of contemporary life and urban experience.
Edge: History of Lesbian Avengers chronicled in "Eating Fire"
A review of Kelly Cogswell's memoir.
NY Journal of Books: The Inconvenient Indian
"The outcome is an anti-history, or a subversion of history, which forces us to question “truths,” discard stereotypes, and reexamine policies."
Mixed Metonymies: Mechanization and Culture
Review of Sigfried Giedion's MECHANIZATION TAKES COMMAND by Roy Christopher.
Minnesota 2020: What would Mondale do?
Review of Walter F. Mondale's memoir, THE GOOD FIGHT.
Pioneer Press: Larry Millett's new mystery shifts style
Review of STRONGWOOD, the latest in Millett's Minnestoa mystery series.
Truthout: Academia Under the Influence
While we may tend to romanticize universities as bastions of free thought and intellectual rigor, Piya Chatterjee and Sunaina Maira's new book, The Imperial University: Academic Repression and Scholarly Dissent, demonstrates their subjection to the same ideological underpinnings as the general body politic.
Star Tribune: She's tough, that Addie Strongwood
FICTION: In Larry Millett’s seventh Sherlock Holmes mystery, a working girl goes on trial in the murder of her wealthy lover.
The Daily Beast | Tick-Tock: The Explosive Power of the Lesbian Avengers
In the early 1990s, the Lesbian Avengers took gay politics into the sound and fury of street activism. In a new book, former member Kelly Cogswell remembers the good times and bad.
KSTP TV: Northwest Airlines Plane Still Missing 64 Years After Lake Michigan Crash
Interview with Jack El-Hai, author of NON-STOP.
ARLIS/NA reviews New Architecture on Indigenous Lands
"Libraries that support architecture programs will find this book to be an excellent addition."
"I was hooked by what is universal about the prematurity experience."
Review of Kate Hopper's READY FOR AIR by PreemieBabies101.